Volunteer Profile – Annemarie Hill

Have you ever needed a lawyer, but abandoned the idea of hiring one due to the incredible costs they charge? Even for the world’s millionaires, legal fees put a crater in the good ol’ chequing account. And for the majority of us – you know, the non-millionaires – having a lawyer is an expense that our budgets simply cannot handle.

But here’s the good news. Much like hundreds of other industries, the field of law is changing. Now, instead of hiring a single lawyer to represent you, you can subscribe to a whole network of lawyers who are at your disposal to offer advice. 

And the best part? Something that would traditionally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars is available for a low-priced monthly payment.

Have I captured your full attention? If so, good. Because first I want you to introduce you to Annemarie Hill, Chamber volunteer and legal adviser and advertiser for LegalShield and an independent business consultant. Her story will show you the value of LegalShield better than I ever could on my own. 

To begin, Annemarie is not a Barrie native. She’s a Western Canadian hailing from the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Annemarie developed an interest for psychology throughout her youth. So when it came time to pick a career path, she unhesitatingly enrolled in the Developmental Psychology program at University of Victoria. 

And unlike many students nowadays, Annemarie had no problem finding field placements even before she obtained her degree. 

“I had been given some amazing career advice by a counselor while I was getting my degree,” she said. “Who said, ‘If you get a psychology degree, you need to get experience during your education.’” 

She took the advice to heart and began volunteering at a youth detention centre in Victoria. This was the position that laid the foundation for the rest of her career, acting as a foot-in-the-door for other psychology positions. 

After this, opportunities began to arise right, left, and centre. She worked as a research assistant for one of her university professors, took a summer job at a women’s shelter, and then received some corporate experience in an HR position with the government. By the time Annemarie finished her degree, filling out her resume was a done deed. 

But once she had the degree, Annemarie did not stay in Canada. After meeting her would-be husband, the couple crossed the pond to merry old England, where they resided for a year. Despite the change of residency, Annemarie still had no trouble finding work in her field. 

“I worked as a residential social worker for the government at one of the two youth treatment centres in England,” she explained. “I did that for six months, and then I backpacked across Europe for the other half of the year.” 

Hey, if you’re going to live in Europe, you may as well be adventurous while you do it. She then came back to Canada and lived in Calgary, where she did some family therapy work. However, she didn’t stay in the Great White North for long. Her husband was transferred to the Cayman Islands, so down to the tropical Caribbean they went! 

“We thought, ‘What the heck, let’s try something different!’ So we sold everything and moved to the Caribbean. And I got a job very quickly with the Social Services Department managing childrens’ homes.” 

How’s that for spontaneity? I’d say pretty good. In this position, Annemarie was managing homes for children and was also the onsite clinician, meaning she not only oversaw the childrens’ homes, but she was also their counsellor. She really did it all. 

Annemarie stayed in the Cayman Islands for five years. And then, in the year 2000, she had her daughter. That’s when she began to think about settling down somewhere she could call home. 

And where, out of all the places in the world, do you think she chose? Not Victoria, not England, and not the Cayman Islands. No, she chose Barrie, Ontario. 

“I took a break from my career,” she said. “And put all my focus into raising my kids and just being there for them.” 

Although she held some part time jobs on the side, Annemarie’s main focus was on raising her family the right way.

“I’d gone through a divorce when my kids were little, and I was raising them on my own. So that took my time.” 

 She put all her energy into it until her kids reached the age of relative independence. And now, ladies and gents, we arrive at the moment we’ve all been waiting for. 

“I found LegalShield,” she said. “And I got into working for the company 14 years ago.”

And at the same time she volunteered at the YMCA as a yoga instructor. Now this is important because, all throughout her career, Annemarie has always seemed to hold a teacher’s role in one form or another.

“My entire life I’ve been a coach, a trainer, or a mentor. I’ve always been taking on leadership.” 

She can’t help it. Being a teacher is in her nature. And this teacher’s mentality plays a huge part in her role with LegalShield. 

But enough beating around the bush. Let’s get to it already. What is LegalShield and what does Annemarie Hill do for them? 

To start, LegalShield offers an incredibly unique service. They offer subscription-based legal services through which subscribers get unlimited phone consultation, contracts and document reviews, wills, powers of attorney – you name it. 

And can you guess the price? Probably not, because it sounds more like the price of your monthly Netflix subscription than that of a legal service. However, with LegalShield, you can have access to everything listed in the above paragraph for a mere $29.95 a month. 

Read that again. It’s not a typo. Quite frankly, LegalShield has approached the law industry from a completely fresh angle. And its success shows in the numbers. USA Today considered LegalShield to be worth more than a trillion dollars. 

Annemarie explained it like this: “For twenty nine ninety five a month, you could have phone consultations whenever you needed on any kind of legal matter, no matter what.. Pick up the phone and you get to talk to a proper lawyer and a large law firm.” 

And yes, it is top quality lawyers you get to talk to because LegalShield partners with a large number of law firms across North America. Not only does this mean you get the best possible service, but it also means you’ll never get left on hold when you dial their number.

So that’s the company, but now let’s address Annemarie’s role with it. 

“I’m a direct seller to small businesses,” she said. 

To elaborate, Annemarie essentially markets the business to people who might not know about it. 

“I market the service and, if the clients subscribe, give them the access to the lawyers.”

But not only does Annemarie market LegalShield. She also acts as an advisor and consultant to small businesses. In other words, after showing small businesses the value of LegalShield, she uses her fine-tuned coaching experience to help them get an all-around foot up. 

I could tell you all the business success stories that she told me, but I’d have to turn this into a 3000 word essay. So I’ll save you the time and urge you to give Annemarie a call if you’re in need of legal support. And even if you aren’t, you might be in a week, a month, or a year. Either way, for 25 bucks a month, you can always be prepared in the best way for the worst possible scenarios.

Written by Peter Wilson

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