Volunteer Profile: Stephanie Gourlie

Stephanie Gourlie

If you ever moved houses as a child, take a moment to remember the experience. First of all, and apart from the heartache of missing friends and everything else familiar, you were probably excited to enter a new environment. A new house equaled new areas to explore. Maybe the new house contained secret passageways in […]

Volunteer Profile: Christine Sharpe

Christine Sharpe

Years ago, forensic-psychiatry student Christine Sharpe walked out of the main building at the University of Texas, exhausted after a full day of classes. Taking a look around, she saw all her fellow students scattered around the campus. Some were talking in groups, some were studying intently by themselves, and some were just taking it […]

Volunteer Profile: Salim Bardai

Salim Bardai

Salim’s career began earlier than most. One day in 1976, when he was 9-years-old, Salim realized he needed to pad his wallet a bit. So, as many children do, he asked his dad for an allowance. What could go wrong? But the plan backfired. Upon hearing Salim declare he needed money, his father brought him […]