Member Profile – Ewee Inc.

If you were to take a guess right now – just off the top of your head – of what the most in-demand resource is in today’s world, what would it be? Certainly, some of you said oil or natural gas, or maybe even clean energy. I’m sure access to clean, drinkable water was another […]

Member Profile – Addison Marketing Solutions

Eric Harbottle is one of those rare individuals who has always had a clear idea of his ideal career. As you’ve seen from the majority of our member spotlights, most folks either go to college for one thing and pursue another, or are absolutely clueless about what to even major in. We’ve all been there. […]

Member Profile – Corex Creative

Dwayne Holness, founder of Corex Creative, is very good at his job. He’s a professional videographer, video editor, designer, and the list goes on. Just know that when it comes to video and/or photography work – and all the behind-the-scenes work, too – Dwayne is your guy.  And don’t take my word for it. Just […]

Member Profile – Jet Lag Voyages

Jet lag Voyages If you’re considering travelling in the near future, there’s one thing I urge you not to do. Do not – I repeat, do not! – jump on the bandwagon of folks who think making a few Google searches is equally as effective as hiring a travel agent. Because it’s not. Let me […]

Member Profile: Great Bear Products, Greg Barnes

Greg Barnes, Great Bear Products

In mid-July, I called up Greg Barnes to ask if he’d like to be featured in our Member Highlight series. I explained to him that we could schedule a time for a quick phone or Zoom interview, during which I’d ask him a series of questions about his business and career story. “It should only […]

Volunteer Profile: Stephanie Gourlie

Stephanie Gourlie

If you ever moved houses as a child, take a moment to remember the experience. First of all, and apart from the heartache of missing friends and everything else familiar, you were probably excited to enter a new environment. A new house equaled new areas to explore. Maybe the new house contained secret passageways in […]

Volunteer Profile: Christine Sharpe

Christine Sharpe

Years ago, forensic-psychiatry student Christine Sharpe walked out of the main building at the University of Texas, exhausted after a full day of classes. Taking a look around, she saw all her fellow students scattered around the campus. Some were talking in groups, some were studying intently by themselves, and some were just taking it […]

Volunteer Profile: Salim Bardai

Salim Bardai

Salim’s career began earlier than most. One day in 1976, when he was 9-years-old, Salim realized he needed to pad his wallet a bit. So, as many children do, he asked his dad for an allowance. What could go wrong? But the plan backfired. Upon hearing Salim declare he needed money, his father brought him […]