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Mystery Shopper Program

The Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Competitactics® and Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, is offering its members the opportunity to participate in a turnkey Mystery Shopper Program.

What is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery Shopping is a form of market research. Posing as a typical customer, the mystery shopper observes service quality in an establishment. An effective mystery shopper is careful to blend in with other customers so as not to be ‘discovered’. Mystery Shopping is an effective way to identify gaps and best practices within an organization by observing how the business operates under everyday conditions.

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What’s in it for me?
As a business manager, you know the importance of customer retention. Competitors attempt to erode your existing customer base through advertisements, promotions or product enhancements, which in turn raise expectations for new customers. Although a shopper’s life will not come to a grinding halt if their expectations aren’t precisely met, little things do influence his or her overall shopping experience. The role of the mystery shopper is to identify gaps that the customer might not voice – whereas the actual customer might simply decide to shop elsewhere.

For a fraction of the cost of setting up your own, this Mystery Shopper Program can provide you with a onepage report on the performance of your establishment. Depending on the level of participation in the program amongst your competitors, the report will also compare your results to pooled results of other firms. By identifying gaps in service and ways to implement and improve best practices, your organization can take steps to enhance customer satisfaction.

Given that large chains already have their own programs, our target demographic consists of independent retailers, restaurateurs and hoteliers. However, even for chain outlets, participation by local branches provides managers with a fresh set of eyes to better their performance.

Project Manager
Jim Davidson, principal of Competitactics®, is a frequent speaker at business conferences on the topics of competitive intelligence and strategic planning. In addition, he has designed and implemented customer satisfaction studies and mystery shopping exercises ranging from insurance to fast food. To stay ahead of the curve, Davidson is leading the development of a graduate program in business intelligence at Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology. At Atkinson, York University, Davidson helped to develop experiential education.

Mystery Shoppers
Our team of mystery shoppers includes business professionals who work from home, and hand-picked post-secondary marketing students who have already demonstrated their ability in the classroom.

How do I get started?
Participation in the Mystery Shopper Program is open to retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and other service providers who are members of the GreaterBarrie Chamber of Commerce.

For more information: or Jim Davidson at 1-877-447-5189

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