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Membership Policy

Article 1 of the Greater Barrie Chamberof Commerce's by-laws addresses the topic of membership; it is below for your reference. If you would like to see the full constitution, please feel free to contact the Chamber Office at 705.721.5000 or



1.1 All persons currently or previously actively engaged in business, partnerships or corporations who agree with the object of the Chamber shall be eligible for membership.
1.2 All members which are partnerships or corporations shall be represented by a person designated by such partnership or corporation. If such partnership or corporation is a voting member, then the person designated shall be the member's voting representative for all purposes.
1.3 Membership in the Chamber shall be in one of three classifications:
1.3.1 ACTIVE - Shall include persons, partnerships and corporations which shall pay a membership fee as set from time-to-time by the Board of Directors, and shall be entitled to vote at all meetings of members.
1.3.2 ACTIVE NON-VOTING - Shall include all other persons and business entities accepted for membership in the Chamber. Active non-voting members shall pay a membership fee as set from time-to-time by the Board of Directors. Active non-voting members shall not be entitled to vote at any meetings of members.
1.3.3 HONORARY - The Board shall have the power to elect to honorary membership, persons who, for meritorious service, deserve the Chamber's highest recognition. Election of an honorary member shall require a two third majority vote at a regular meeting of the Board. The election of an honorary member shall be announced to the membership and all such honorary memberships shall be for the life of the member so elected. Honorary members shall be exempt from payment of dues, shall have no vote and shall not be eligible to hold office.
1.4 Application for membership shall be in writing on a form approved by the Board. Such application shall first be recommended by the Membership Committee and then presented to the Board for their recommendation. Such recommendation shall require a two-third majority vote of the Board, and shall be presented to the membership at the next quarterly or annual meeting for acceptance, which acceptance shall require a two-third majority vote of the members in attendance. An appeal lies to the membership at the next regular quarterly or annual meeting for anyone whose application is declined by either the Membership Committee or the Board.
1.5 Membership fees shall accompany the initial application for membership, and thereafter shall be payable in advance for such period as determined by the Board.
1.6 Any member of the Chamber which is a corporation or partnership shall have the right to change its voting nominee upon thirty days written notice to the Chamber.
1.7 The membership of any member shall be automatically terminated if such a member fails to pay any fee within 90 days after it is due. Such termination of membership shall not prejudice the right of such member to re-apply for readmission.
1.8 Any member of the Chamber may resign as a member of the Chamber by letter addressed to the secretary of the Chamber at the head office of the Chamber. The said notice of resignation shall be accompanied by a full remittance of any outstanding liability owed by the member to the Chamber.
1.9 Expulsion from Membership

Should any member be found guilty by the Board of Directors of wilful violation of the By-laws or of any Rules and Regulations made thereunder, or of dishonourable conduct in business dealings, or of acting in such a manner as to bring discredit on the Chamber the Board of Directors may, by resolution, suspend or expel such member, provided however that the member shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard by the Board of Directors or by such officer(s) or committee as the Board of Directors may delegate its authority, in whole or in part. In the event of suspension or expulsion of a member, all fees due from the member, with arrears if any, shall be recoverable by the Chamber.

Should any member leave Canada under dishonourable circumstances, or be convicted of a crime, the Board of Directors may by resolution expel such member.

An expelled member shall forfeit all rights and privileges of or incidental to membership in the Chamber.

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