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Crista Winterkorn is a passionate individual. She is passionate about her work, passionate about getting the most out of life, and passionate about helping others achieve maximum happiness in life. 

For Crista, we’ve all got a purpose. All we have to do is discover and pursue it. Pursue it with everything we’ve got. No matter what you do, excel at it. This is how she lives. 

And what is Crista’s passion and driving purpose? It’s simple: Crista brings joy to others’ lives through the magic of paint. 

Crista was born and raised in Thornton, Ontario. She went through the motions of elementary and high school, but when it came time for post-secondary education, she hit a roadblock. 

“I was undecided,” she explained. “To this day, I’m a firm believer that nobody leaves high school really knowing what they want to do. They’re just too young. Their minds are all over the place. And I was one of those.” 

There was one career Crista felt attracted to, and that was being a police officer. But she also wanted to be a mom someday, and Crista knew these two lifestyles didn’t go hand-in-hand. She was undecided and deliberated between the choices. But then, when she was 19, she gave birth to her son, and that was the deciding factor. 

“That was when I thought, ‘Okay, I’m done deciding,’ she said. “Before that, I was still iffy, and going back and forth, but having my son just made things kind of concrete. You know, when you get that feeling in your gut where you’re not sure about something, but you’re leaning towards it, but you’re still not sure? Yeah, well, this just made that go away.” 

And she was totally fine with that. Crista had always dreamed of being a mom. She didn’t mind that nature made the choice for her between being a police officer or a mother. At 23, she gave birth to her daughter, thus adding more joy to her life as a mother. But even with all her maternal happiness, something was still missing from her life. 

“There was something that was still unsettled in me,” she said. “Because I wasn’t ‘doing’ and, my whole life, I’ve always been that person where I always have to be ‘doing.’” 

Obviously, as a mother of two, Crista was “doing” plenty in her life. But the point she was trying to get across is that she did not have an active pursuit at the time. As you will begin to see, Crista has a creative personality. And for those of you who have one as well, I’m sure you understand the restlessness that sets in when you’re not creating. 

At this point, Crista had to discover her passion. She asked herself, what drove her to get out of bed in the morning? She took a couple shots in the dark. 

“I did various jobs and wasn’t happy with any of them,” she said. “I’ve always been in the service industry. I was always helping people; it’s always been a mainstay, I love to help people.”

Combined with her natural inclination towards the police force, Crista decided she wanted to go into private investigations. 

“What can I say? We’re humans. We’re naturally nosy,” she joked. 

So, at 30 years old, she went to Everest College. She obtained her Law Enforcement Foundations degree, all the other necessary licenses, and was then ready to begin her private investigations career. 

Sadly, it only lasted six months. 

“I was put in a situation where my kids were threatened. And that was it for me. I got out immediately.” 

It was a possibility that Crista had never anticipated. And for Crista, whose job as a mother has always come first and foremost, the risk simply wasn’t worth it. 

There was a silver lining, however. While she had been pursuing her private investigations certificate, Crista had begun painting as a part-time job. 

“And I loved it,” she said. “I could not wait to get home from school or work and have free time to go paint. I painted everything in my house; I painted anything I could get my hands on. I painted pictures on the walls and I even did cakes. I started icing custom cakes and doing pictures on them.”

All along, Crista had possessed this passion for art. It had always been there. But up until her time in college, it had remained in the background rather than the forefront. 

But once it became clear that private investigation was not the right career for her, Crista turned to painting as a possible career. She was working three jobs at the time and one of them was painting houses.

After some time, it became clear that Crista needed to turn the part time painting job into an official business if she was going to make it work financially. Additionally, Crista knew she needed to run her own business because she has a medical condition that requires her to be flexible. 

“I have a brain condition,” she said. “That’s why I went through so many jobs. Because if it gets bad, I can be in bed for weeks at a time. And since it’s not a visible disability, people don’t understand; they think it’s just a bad headache. But what they don’t see is that, when it’s bad, sometimes my arms and legs don’t move and I can’t walk.” 

So not only was it necessary that Crista run her own business, she also wanted to ensure that she would always be doing what she loved. And painting is what she loves. 

“When I painted, it kept me calm because I loved it so much,” she said. 

Thus, L.C.D.C Colour & Coatings was officially born. She started out gradually and then began taking on more and more jobs. She advertised purely through word of mouth and, to this day, has never relied on the Internet to get her business out there. 

And how does she pull that off? It’s simply because she believes in the power of paint and is so good at what she does. 

“I love colour,” she said. “I’m a colour fiend. I knew I could see colour and help people fix their house colours so that they’d go with their woods, with their tiles – with everything.”

It’s the power of paint and the impact that colours can make on human lives that drives Crista every day to do what she does. 

“Believe it or not, colour can save marriages, relationships, it can help people get over deaths, and so much more. It’s unreal what it can do for people.”

And that’s why Crista does it. “I don’t do it for the money,” she explained. “I do it because I love it. I do it because it makes people happy when they see their offices, in their homes, and everything else.” 

Spoken like a true artist, Crista. After all, what more could you ask for from a painter? 

So there you have it, folks. I’m sure that next time you’re thinking of recolouring the living room, Crista and L.C.D.C Coatings will come to mind.

Written by Peter Wilson

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