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If you were to take a guess right now – just off the top of your head – of what the most in-demand resource is in today’s world, what would it be? Certainly, some of you said oil or natural gas, or maybe even clean energy. I’m sure access to clean, drinkable water was another common one. 

If you guessed one of these or another critical commodity, you weren’t wrong. These resources are essential to the functionality of our society as we know it and even to the sustenance of human life. 

However, it’s not what I had in mind. Call me cheap, but it was a trick question. In my opinion, the most crucial resource in our rapidly-paced world is the World Wide Web. The .com. The www. Or, by its most familiar name, the Internet. 

Is this a hot take? Absolutely. It might seem strange that a resource which is free to use and can be accessed by anybody with an electronic device and Wi-Fi connection is the most crucial resource in our world today. 

But the simple explanation is that the world would come to a halt if the Internet was shut down today, tomorrow, or even the day after that. We so heavily depend on it for information, communication, and even buying and selling. In other words, oil, gas, and water may be chief resources, but the world would have a hard time gathering and distributing them nowadays without the Internet. Sure, we could adjust. But that would take years. 

At this point, you’re probably wondering where all this is going. So here it is. While accessing the Internet may be free of charge, obtaining the means to do so is not. We have to buy a smartphone or computer, and even that is just half the process. Because after that, we need to purchase an Internet connection service, such as a data plan or, better yet, home Internet. And that’s where Ewee Inc. comes in. 

Ewee is a multifaceted business. As an Internet, cellular, telecommunications, and networking business, Ewee provides components in various forms of connection and communications. They are partnered with Bell, on both the business mobility and marketing sides. In addition to that, Ewee has a subsidiary portion of the company called Ewee – NS, which supports clients in terms of networking infrastructure. This means that instead of subcontracting other companies to handle IT support installation services for their clients, they have a branch of the company that handles it internally. 

See the point of my Internet spiel now? Ewee Inc. is one of the local companies that provides access to the incredible information-gathering resource that is the Internet. And by keeping their IT and installation services within the company, they ensure their clients always receive top-notch service. 

Ever since Covid-19 hit, however, a different side of Ewee Inc. has grown by large proportions: its networking service. 

As it did for all business, the pandemic caused Ewee to shift gears quite a bit. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. Ewee was fortunate throughout the bulk of the lockdowns. Since they are a telecommunications and Internet provider business, they were in the perfect industry to survive and even thrive throughout the course of several stay-at-home orders. 

Since thousands of businesses were forced to rely on the Internet to survive the lockdowns, Ewee found that their business actually increased with the pandemic. Companies started to realize that sending their employees to work from home required strong Internet and home office setups. Perhaps some of their employees did not have fast enough Internet access to sustain their job. It was in situations like these that Ewee was able to step in and say, “Rest easy, folks. We’ve got this.” 

Ah, the magic of the Internet! Now, Canadian statistics tells us that 32% of Canadian employees aged 15 to 69 work most of their hours from home. Compare that to an obscure 4% in 2016 and you’ll start to grasp the magnitude of those numbers. 

That’s not to say the pandemic hasn’t posed its threats to Ewee Inc. After all, their employees are still human, just like the rest of us. Ensuring the health and safety of their whole team – especially that of the technicians, who were installing products in the very homes of customers – was always a challenge. Aside from that, however, there were still some positive stories. 

Here’s one of Ewee’s best stories from the pandemic. Before the virus hit, Ewee had a business-owner client who had about one hundred employees working out of the company’s office in downtown Toronto. Then, the lockdowns started. Due to the regulations, Ewee’s client was forced to send all of his employees to work from home. But because things changed so darn fast, he didn’t have the infrastructure in place to allow his employees to access the company’s virtual private server remotely. It just took too much bandwidth. 

So he called Ewee. Typically, an Internet connection upgrade of those proportions would take more than 10 weeks to complete. But if he stalled his business for 10 weeks while he waited for this upgrade, the losses practically would’ve bankrupted him. He was in a real jam. He turned to Ewee to see if anything could be done. 

Ewee saw his predicament and answered the call. In a move that required all hands on deck, Ewee was able to complete the 10-week job in a mere 14 days. How’s that for a wow factor? And by expediting the process so significantly, they not only saved their client time; they saved his entire business. 

And that’s just one of Ewee’s success stories. If I were to relate all their heroic pandemic stories here, you’d be reading this for the greater portion of your day. All in all, you get it. Ewee takes a highly-demanded resource – the Internet – and offers it to you as easily as a pizza on a platter. All you’ve got to do is grab your slice.

Written by Peter Wilson

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