Member Profile: Baker Studios, Chantal Baker

For those of you who have planned a wedding before, what’s the first word that comes to mind when you reflect on the experience? 

Was it “expensive?” If so, you’re one of many who has come to think of the words “wedding” and “expensive” as synonymous. Think about it. You’ve got the venue rental, the catering, the dresses and suits, and don’t forget that fancy cake! It’ll take a bigger bite out of your wallet than you will out of it. 

And on top of all the glitter and glamour, you’ve got to hire a wedding photographer to take pictures of it all. It’s safe to say that wedding expenses stack up faster than Tetris blocks on a Nintendo 64.

But for Chantal Baker, founder of Baker Studios in Barrie, ON, it was the monstrous costs of planning her own wedding that gave her the idea to become a professional videographer. 

Chantal was born and raised in the U.K. She went to university in London, England and studied the Performing Arts. While she was there, however, there was a small component of the course that focused on videography. So, despite her primary focus of a career in the theatre, Chantal learned the basics of videography and tucked them away in her memory for later. 

Chantal’s father is also a videographer back in England. “I grew up watching him doing a lot of filming and then editing at home, as well,” said Chantal. “But I didn’t really get into it myself until I moved to Canada…” 

After working on a cruise ship for two years post-university, Chantal decided to move to Canada and settle in Barrie. In 2018, she and her husband were married in the Barrie-area, but not until Chantal was inspired to go into videography for herself. 

“We were looking for someone to film our wedding,” she said. “But all the videographers we could find either lived very far away from Barrie or were extremely expensive.”

After a long search, however, Chantal came across a videographer who inspired her. 

“Eventually, we found someone who was based in Australia,” she said. “And they were just amazing. When they came into the wedding, they just fit right in. They were so friendly and fun to be around, and the results of their work were incredible. So I think that’s what instilled videography in me.” 

After her wedding, Chantal didn’t wait around to start her business. She reached out to the videographer who filmed her wedding and asked him for some advice on breaking into the industry. He gave her heaps of advice and Chantal says that, to this day, he continues to be a mentor for her.  

“He helped me to get the company up and running,” she said. “Before starting, I was worried that I’d just get overlooked because of all the competition I was up against.” 

But the opposite actually turned out to be true. Chantal said the support from fellow videographers has been outstanding. Rather than being a “me vs you” mentality in the industry, she actually shares many close friendships with local videographers. 

“Sometimes, if we can’t do a certain wedding or a promotion for a company because we’re busy, we just refer the client to another videographer who’s available. And now we actually have a list of videographers we can refer these clients to, which is really nice.” 

If you’re unfamiliar with what, exactly, Chantal does as a videographer, then let me explain. As a videographer, Chantal works in fields that might have traditionally been the area of a photographer, such as weddings, corporate events, and more.

In recent years, however, videography has grown steadily. Many people are beginning to see the value of videography and its advantages over photography. Videos have the potential to give a more vivid depiction of treasured memories than photos because they simultaneously capture visuals and audio. Additionally, improving technology means that digital video quality is constantly getting better and better. 

At Baker Studios, Chantal’s primary focus is on weddings and corporate activities. She shoots a wealth of promotional and educational videos for businesses and also does plenty of fundraisers for nonprofit organizations. 

“It’s a very rewarding job,” she said. “Whenever I complete a job and send it to the client, whether it’s a wedding or a company I was shooting for, there’s always a moment where I think ‘Oh gosh, what are they going to think?’ But when I hear their reaction and how happy they are with it, that’s always the best part of the entire job.” 

Chantal always focuses on getting to know her clients individually and developing personal relationships with them. 

“I think videographers are storytellers,” she said. “No matter what job I do, it’s always so different. And I love that because everyone has a completely different story and getting to know them is so interesting and rewarding.” 

It’s reasons like these that Baker Studios is thriving in Barrie. Chantal is passionate about her work. She always puts in the time and effort necessary to make each project unique and impactful. And her determination to develop genuine relationships with her clients makes her not only a videographer, but a reliable friend for life. 

So if you’re ever planning a wedding or looking for somebody to shoot a jaw-dropping commercial for your business, Chantal at Baker Studios has got you covered. 

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