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TEAM-THINK RESPONSES: prospecting, reaching a larger audience, online tools

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In May, our Networking@Noon event featured a Team-Think activity, inviting our attendees to collaborate with their table-mates to think of new and innovative solutions to everyday business questions. Below are some of the responses that our members came up with that day.

Question:  If you want to gain new clients, you’re going to have to do some prospecting. How do you target the best people to talk to, and once you have, how to you turn them into a customer?


  • First decide who your target market is. Select marketing media that targets your business.
  • Find out more information about your ideal client before contact.
  • Know your competition and who their clients are
  • Where is your client’s “go to”? i.e. what do they read, social media they communicate in, groups they are involved in, what is there focus.
  • Testimonials, credentials.
  • Once you have your target turn them into a customer by finding out what they are specifically looking for and by asking for their business.
  • Talk about benefits not features.
  • Create a relationship to be liked and likeable so that your customer chooses you.
  • Full circle effect.
  • Support members of the Chamber first through their website directory.
  • Attend networking opportunities as many different types of business build relationships through networking.

Question: Almost everyone is interested in reaching a larger audience in order to attract new customers. What are some good ways of accomplishing this?


  • Media such as radio, television, social media, e-broadcasts, flyers in direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Networking through Chamber events and other events
  • Discounts/Coupons to Chamber members
  • User friendly website with incentive offers
  • Host workshops and seminars
  • Promotional give away, such as attire, pens, gadgets etc.
  • Sponsorships of sport teams, charity events
  • Member of groups in the community, committees etc.
  • Speaker at events

Question: We have officially entered the digital age and people are using online tools to communicate more and more every day. How can social media be used effectively to promote you and/or your business?  What platform do you get the best results from, and what does your basic social media plan look like?


  • Each business should have a unique and specific plan for their particular business
  • Twitter - age specific, active up to the minute, short and sweet, website link
  • LinkedIn - professional image, leverage.
  • Facebook - up to the minute, active
  • Website - shop online/search, information updated, keywords.
  • Email marketing campaign - relevant and respectful-valuable, active. Tags on email i.e. “If you liked my service, refer me to friends & family”
  • Educate, offer free advice

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