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TEAM-THINK RESPONSES: handling public customer complaints and managing your time

Friday, September 26, 2014

Team-ThinkOur September Networking@Noon event featured a Team-Think activity, inviting our attendees to collaborate with their table-mates to think of new and innovative solutions to everyday business questions. Below are some of the responses that our members came up with that day.

Question: Everyone has had a bad experience with a customer in the past, and negative word-of-mouth can have a big impact on a business. What’s the best way to deal with a complaint from a customer? If those complaints are made public (i.e. through social media) what’s the best way to handle it in a positive way?


  • Listen and empathize, be kind and understanding.
  • Contact the Customer straight away to find out the source of the problem.
  • Apologize to the Customer if poor service was provided and offer some sort of compensation such a gift card.
  • Address the issue through social media and agree to contact the Customer offline.  This is done so anyone watching can see the issue has been resolved.
  • Keep track of online feedback; don’t ignore the complaints or negative comments.
  • Once conflict is resolved ask the Customer to follow up online as to how the complaint was handled and if their opinion has changed.

Question: It’s said that your time is your most precious commodity. What are some strategies you use to manage it effectively in your professional life?


  • Make a list, be organized, know what you are doing every day.
  • Respect your time and learn to delegate and empower your employees.
  • Make time for yourself-shut your door. Turn off your phone, because being connected all the time can be disruptive.
  • Be direct at the appropriate time.
  • Colour code Calendars.
  • Do a 6 most important things list.
  • Emergency, priority, important.

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