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Rabbits Take Cover at Chelsea Chocolates in Craighurst, Ontario!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A group of RABBITS:

A gaggle, a herd, a flock, a colony, a cackle, a swarm, a covey???

Rabbits as a general term is a colony
Rabbits domestic is a herd
Rabbit hares is a down
Rabbits jackrabbit is a husk
Rabbits young is a litter

Whatever type of rabbit you're looking for, can be found at Chelsea chocolates this Easter!

Chocolate BunnyWe take the time to create every size and shape of rabbit by hand. We start with one of our hundreds of Easter molds made from a quality polyurethane. These molds can range in price from $20-$200+ depending on size. We purchase these quality molds from the Montreal or the United Kingdom.

Each rabbit starts out with eyes and a nose and then whatever accent -whether it be his basket of eggs, maybe his tail, or perhaps a flower he's holding, usually done in a white or dark Belgian chocolate.

Then we paint a thin coat of chocolate all over the inside of the mold. We do this so that the chocolate gets into every little indentation leaving no air holes. Once this coating dries, we fill both sides of the mold with another thin coating of chocolate, clip both sides together and put it into the fridge to harden.

After about 10 minutes our rabbit comes out of the fridge, we unclip the mold and the rabbit should just fall out of the mold. This entire process for one Easter rabbit can take half an hour or more with dry times. The trick to all of this is to have perfectly tempered chocolate, timing and temperature. With this combination you can make great things! So when you meet our colony of rabbits, you will know how much time and care goes into each and every one, not to mention the high quality Belgian (Callebaut) chocolate that we use here. We believe in using only quality products from our chocolate to fillings to our workmanship.

Chelsea chocolates has been making the finest chocolates for over 20 years. In the small village of Craighurst, just 10 minutes north of Barrie by Horseshoe Valley.

Chelsea Chocolates

3471 Penetanguishene Road
Barrie, ON L4M 4Y8
(705) 725-9210

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