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Partnering for a Brighter Future - The Barrie Chamber's Strategic Plan

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A proud past… a promising future

Barrie Chamber of Commerce

The Barrie Chamber has been serving the local business community for more than 75 years. The organization recently embarked on an ambitious path to re-position itself and connect in new ways with members, strategic partners, and the broader Barrie community.  In doing so, the newly re-branded Barrie Chamber of Commerce will be acknowledged as THE GATEWAY to local business success.

Vision Statement:

To serve as “the voice” of Barrie business, dedicated to increased community prosperity and pride.

Mission Statement:

The Barrie Chamber will be recognized for its relevant advocacy, promoting business excellence through member engagement and purposeful communication. In doing so, the Barrie Chamber will serve the broader community by championing the private sector’s role as the driving force in the local economy.

Core Strategies:

  • Engagement
    • Revitalized value proposition, redefined member benefits package
    • Relevant networking, workshop opportunities
    • Member-led initiatives via surveys, focus groups, ongoing feedback
    • Promotional tools which deliver measurable member value
    • Strategic partnerships which advance our mission
    • Enabling volunteers to serve as the catalyst for change
    • Mentoring, education and skills development programs
    • Social, charitable and environmental community advancement initiatives
  • Advocacy
    • Implementation of a model to monitor, manage, and communicate advocacy efforts and successes
    • Strengthen ties to strategic local partners – City of Barrie, Tourism Barrie, academic institutions, business associations, community groups, government agencies
    • Re-engagement with area manufacturing, industrial and larger commercial interests
    • Leveraging the strengths and resources of both the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce
  • Renewed Relevance
    • Revitalization of the Barrie Chamber image by leveraging core strengths – history of achievement, recognized leadership, growing credibility, diverse membership, dedicated volunteers
    • Comprehensive Communications strategy aimed at creating awareness, promoting benefits, accessibility, involvement; celebrating business success
    • Re-engineer and extend member offering – networking, advertising, affinity programs, mentoring, referrals, advocacy
    • Re-branding our image to reflect our commitment to this new reality
  • Effective Communication
    • Right message, right audience, right platform, right frequency
    • Continuous promotion and reinforcement of the Barrie Chamber brand, our accomplishments and a celebration of member successes
    • Position the Barrie Chamber as a forum for exchanging business intelligence and access to enabling tools and resources 
    • Promotion of open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders to ensure focus and direction
  • Business Excellence
    • Effective operational governance through clear goals, roles and responsibilities of Chamber staff, volunteers, and Board to better reflect evolving needs of members and the business community; aligned with strategic direction
    • Proposed monetization of current office and relocation to more suitable business environment (re-invest proceeds to upgrade skills, tools and member resources)
    • Implement incentive-based objectives which are aligned with budget and business plan
    • Say what we mean, mean what we say

Partnering for a Brighter Future

The Barrie Chamber Board is 100% committed to driving this new agenda forward. Success is directly linked to member involvement – we cannot succeed without YOU \

Work is already underway… 

  • Rebranding to create a new image 
  • Redefining our Value Proposition 
  • Roll-out of our Advocacy model, promoting engagement and awareness

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