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Networking@Noon - Business Building Lessons From The Three Little Pigs - Photos

Friday, July 29, 2011

Rich Grof was our June Networking@Noon speaker, bringing lessons learned from the 3 little pigs into a business context. Rich acknowledged that the last couple of years have been full of change, and emphasized that you need to be resilient in business.

  1. Be aware of the changing times - if you're not, you'll be blindside and it won't be pretty. The little pigs saw the change in season as winter approached. What are the key indicators in your sector that tell you change is coming?
  2. Once you know what to watch, you need to be prepared - don't be like the pig who built his house from straw, surround yourself with good people who have business experience to guide you, and listen to them.
  3. Invest your energy - you need time, practice, and hard work to stand up to the wind & snow, and most of all, to protect you from the wolf. If you practice 3 times a week, you increase your chances for survival and success significantly - practicing every day will help even more.
  4. Expect to be tested - know who/what your wolves are so that you can prepare. Some of the hardest lessons you'll learn are when you're alone facing your wolves. You need good support to pick you up when you want to quit.
  5. Commitment - you have to be stubborn enough or smart enough to succeed. It takes everything you have and you need commitment to achieve it. Every day you get to decide how to play this life game; when you commit, how wonderful is it?

Remember, every wolf that blows you over is just full of hot air and can be overcome!

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