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Introducing the Barrie Alliance for Sustainability in Economy, Environment, & Energy

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

MISSION: To educate and promote sustainable growth and conservation practices in environment, energy and economy, by engaging the Barrie community

BACKGROUND: Quite simply, sustainability is something`s ability to endure. The challenges that we face within, and outside of, our community relate to societal systems that are not sustainable. The three areas that BASE3 will be addressing are environment, energy, and economy. Our society is created by how we value these three factors and how they affect each other.

The purpose of BASE3 is to put ideas into action and promote these actions to the greater community. There are many incredible things being done within our community to make people and organizations more resilient and sustainable. Some of the greatest contributors to BASE3 are already doing things to help our community.

MOVING FORWARD: We can all do more to make our community more resilient and sustainable. We can all learn more, and teach what we know to those around us. This evolution will require greater awareness within our community. Our community deserves a legacy that can be passed along to future generations. The future of this community depends on active involvement by individuals and organizations. If you are, or know someone who is interested in improving our environment, our energy systems, or our economic realities, please follow the evolution on the BASE3 section of the Barrie Chamber website at

ECO BUSINESS CHECKLIST PROGRAM: The contributors to BASE3 have established a checklist tool that businesses can use to assess their current level of sustainability and to determine where they can make improvements. After an audit of the checklist completion has been conducted, each business will be provided with acknowledgement symbols and other material to brand their level of achievement in the program. By making changes to company policies, procedures, and actions, a business can progress to the highest level. All Barrie businesses are invited to participate in this program; there are no fees to be involved; even if your business makes only one change to improve its sustainability, it will have a positive impact. Please download the checklist from either of the links below and take the first step to improving your business' sustainability.

BASE3 HISTORY: While attending a conference in early 2010, Sybil Goruk watched a documentary about this planet's uncertain future. Moved by this film, she started thinking about how every person should be taking action to give the environment a better chance. While in Toronto, she noticed that many of the businesses had visible signs and notices about recycling and conservation; this realization sparked the notion that businesses have a huge impact on the environment, and that they can be encouraged to get involved in the education of Barrie residents. When she returned to Barrie, Ms. Goruk looked into the existing "green" groups, and found that there was no real cohesive group of people reaching out to educate the business community as a whole. As the Executive Director of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Goruk realized that she had the unique opportunity to start such a group.

Over the following months, Ms. Goruk shared her idea with a number of groups and organizations in the area; she gathered local experts together, they started talking, momentum picked up, and BASE3 was born.


  • Barrie Earth Hour Music Festival: The Core Purpose of Barrie Earth Hour Music Festival is to create a multi-media event to inform and create awareness of environmental concerns. Although culminating on the date of the World Wildlife Fund “Earth Hour‟ event, this community group operates year round to educate and inform the public on energy conservation without sacrificing lifestyle.
  • Canadian Home Builders Association – Simcoe County (CHBA-Simcoe County): We serve, on behalf of our members and their clients, as the voice of the Residential Construction industry in Simcoe County committed to residential construction excellence, providing affordable, quality housing.
  • Ecofest Barrie: Ecofest Barrie, in Partnership with the City of Barrie offers an annual destination for the residents and businesses of the greater Barrie area to celebrate the beauty of our region and to offer options for sustainable and healthy lifestyles.
  • Enertest Corporation: Striving for Energy Efficiency through Education, Testing and Consultation “Helping Create Energy Efficient Homes”.
  • GEEP (Global Electric Electronic Processing): At GEEP, our mission is to work collaboratively with clients to maximize their return on excess and end of life inventory in an environmentally safe manner with a zero landfill objective.
  • Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology: To inspire innovation, transform lives and connect communities through the power of education.
  • Mercury Reliance Inc.: Our mission is to provide the means for immediate emergency preparedness by offering emergency packs for home, vehicle and office and to provide our customers with the education and opportunity to preserve their savings through the purchase of physical gold, silver and platinum bullion.
  • PowerStream Inc.: Consistent with our mission to deliver reliable power and related services safely and efficiently to our customers, PowerStream’s vision is to be a socially responsible company, committed to the environment and sustainable growth through the development and application of procedures that minimize the ecological impacts of our operations as well as providing support for external initiatives that help to protect the environment for current and future generations.
  • RePower Canada Inc.: We help businesses find solutions to improving energy consumption and energy efficiency as well as understand their potential for sustainability.  We are focused on being unbiased and support this with transparency and complete honesty.
  • Transition Barrie: is a volunteer, grass-roots initiative with the objective of helping Barrie prepare for the approaching challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change. They are taking part in an emergent and evolving approach to build resilient communities, working with residents to author a shared and sustainable vision for our home, Barrie, Ontario

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