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Help our planet by getting involved in the Barrie Earth Hour Music Festival - Saturday March 26, 2011

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Barrie Earth Hour Music Festival's 2009 and 2010 events were a huge success and provided a strong foundation for which future years will build upon. You can be a part of this event by becoming a sponsor and making the community aware that you are concerned about the environment and climate change.

Make your Company Part of the Initiative!

What is Earth Hour? Earth Hour, inspired by the World Wildlife Fund, is a global climate change initiative encouraging people to turn off lights for one hour. The aim of the campaign is to express that individual action on a mass scale can help change our planet. The event demonstrates the connection between energy usage and climate change. The goal is to get cities and towns from around the globe to take action, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Participating shows your support, but to reach our target we need to keep saving energy all year. The main point is to show just how easy it is to change habits such as turning off lights and appliances when not in use.

The Festival begins at 6:00 p.m. with Earth Hour
at 8:30pm on Saturday March 26th, 2011

About the Festival: Barrie Earth Hour Music Festival is a non-profit group responsible for organizing the Earth Hour concert. In 2010, almost 6000 people from Simcoe County gathered in downtown Barrie to show their support for Earth Hour and enjoyed a FREE concert featuring renowned talent. 6.5 hours of amazing music was produced for the enjoyment of the whole family and more importantly, created awareness for our planet's growing climate change.

A successful event needs an enormous amount of community involvement and support. The Barrie and surrounding community embraced Earth Hour not only by attending the Festival but by providing their support and contributions. Already Barrie Earth Hour Music Festival has received encouragement from local businesses and individuals to continue with the message and make 2011 even larger.

We would like to invite you to be a part of this event by becoming a sponsor and making the community aware that you are concerned about the environment and climate change

Contact for last minute sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsor Incentives Packages
"Watt" Sponsor $250.00
  • Logo on website
  • Logo at event
  • Thank you acknowledgement

"Kilowatt" Sponsor $500.00

  • Same as "Watt Sponsor" plus
  • Link to own website

"Megawatt" Sponsor $1,000.00

  • Same as "Kilowatt" Sponsor plus
  • Signage at event
"Gigawatt" Sponsor $2,500.00
  • Same as "Megawatt" Sponsor plus
  • Sponsorship plaque
  • Invitation to VIP Party

"Terawatt" Sponsor $5,000.00

  • Same as "Gigawatt" Sponsor plus
  • On-stage acknowledgement
  • Logo on promotional material
  • VIP Passes
Title, Co-title & Stage
Sponsorship also available

For more information or inquiries regarding sponsoring Barrie Earth Hour Music Festival, or if you have any questions please email:

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