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Demand Response 3 (DR3)

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ontario's Demand Response 3 (DR3) program, offers large commercial, institutional and industrial business customers an opportunity to make money year-round simply by reducing electricity consumption during periods when the electricity system is under stress. These periods often take place during extremely hot summer days.

Demand Response

Certain business types are a great fit for DR3 including: large industrials, manufacturing facilities, ice rinks/cold storage and some municipal and institutional facilities. By reducing load on air compressors, lighting, HVAC, pumps, cooling fans, scrap grinders, industrial freezers and motors during a curtailment event, businesses in our community can generate significant revenue, while at the same time helping the province manage demand.

To determine if you are eligible to participate in DR3, your electricity provider will introduce the program and benefits to you and then will link eligible companies to one of three aggregators who are contracted by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to enrol customers into the program. DR Aggregators provide a range of services to customers including DR assessment, meter auditing to ensure equipment is in place to provide near real‐time load information, OPA application submission, ongoing data management, event management, M&V and settlement. Being part of the DR3 program offers financial benefit to your business, while only having a minimal impact on operations. For example, companies who make 500kw available for load shedding will receive an availability revenue payment of $52,000 per year shared with the aggregator. Extra payments are earned when an event is called and companies are asked to shed electricity load. Ninety percent of revenue however comes from just being enrolled.

When an event is called (in 2013 there were only 2 curtailment events), DR3 customers will be asked to reduce their electricity usage according to a pre-determined energy reduction plan. Each event is 4 hours.

Being part of DR3, businesses also receive access to an online portal to track real-time energy consumption. This tool is accessible 24/7 and helps companies better manage and reduce their electricity consumption.

Today, over 10 MW are curtailed by PowerStream customers contributing to DR3 when the province’s electrical system is under stress. These customers are receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments annually.

Call PowerStream today at 1-877-963-6900 x 21059 to find out more. There are no costs or obligations to get started in the DR3 program and there is no risk in learning if your business is eligible to participate.

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