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Monday, January 10, 2011

Joanne Davison from The Hair Prosthesis Centre was the first BBN speaker for 2011, and she kicked off the new year with an inspirational message about volunteering. Her mother planted a seed when Joanne was young, telling her that there were children in Africa without water. This concept horrified Joanne so much that, when asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, her reply was always, "I want to dig wells in Africa." She was able to fulfill that dream, and was overwhelmed at how much of a difference it made to herself and to the people who received the well. The seed continued to grow, and over the years Joanne volunteered around the world, in many different areas.

When she began her career as a cosmetician, she was focused on helping people, but not necessarily on volunteering. A regular customer asked for help because he was going to lose his hair to chemotherapy. She sent him to the city because she had never been taught about wigs. He returned with a synthetic looking pompon and she was upset that somebody in her industry would do that to somebody. Joanne took action, learned, apprenticed, visited factories, met with hospitals, etc., believing that the service of hair replacement was important, and could help people to cope with difficult situations.  Through her efforts, and work with other groups, the Look Good Feel Better symposium was born 20 years ago; the program and volunteers are now in 114 hospitals across Canada. The ideology behind the program: Looking good will help people feel better and be empowered to face illness.

In closing, Joanne reminded attendees that life is about choices. We volunteer for many reasons:
-To bring childish dreams to life
-To benefit others
-To benefit self

There is a different benefit for everyone to volunteer, but everyone can benefit from it; you will always benefit personally, and if it helps your business too, that won`t lessen the impact volunteering will have on those around you.

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