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BBN - 5 Website Mistakes that can Torpedo Your Business - Photos

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scott Gingrich of Piggybank Technology was our May BBN speaker, and he gave a very informative presentation about easily made website mistakes that can have a huge impact on a business.

  1. Domain Name - make sure you own & control your own domain name. You should have an account with a domain name registrar, and the email address on record as the admin contact should be yours not your web developers.
  2. Backup Security - make sure that your web developer has a secure backup process. Consider backing up your site yourself as well; it certainly doesn't hurt to have your own copy.
  3. Platform - the majority of websites are hosted on Linux platforms rather than Windows. Often this decision is based on your site needs - custom vs. off-the-shelf. For most small businesses, an off-the-shelf solution is best; custom can be very expensive and time consuming. Additionally, a product that is used by thousands of other people will have already been de-bugged, and will likely have had features added along the way.
  4. Trademark & Copyright Infringement - your content needs to be original; you can't copy and paste other people's content to your own site. Make sure that you aren't using another company's trademark; if you are, they can take your site &/or domain name.
  5. Spamming - this is an activity you want to avoid; you will get blacklisted for spamming, and it is very hard to get off a blacklist.

In his conclusion, Scott noted that these aren't abstract concepts; each of the examples he'd used were situations involving actual Barrie companies, and they had happened within the past 12 months. Scott urged all attendees to avoid being torpedoed; he recommended that they take a look at their own site to make sure they were safe.

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