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BBN - 3 Secrets to Better Public Speaking - Photos

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jacques Brunet was our March BBN speaker, and he helped attendees to better understand public speaking. He started out by noting that the elements of all great presentations are:

  1. A clear purpose
  2. A well prepared and practiced introduction - this will anchor you as well as the audience
  3. Not just the facts - include meaningful stories that your audience can relate to
  4. A well prepared and practiced conclusion or challenge - know how you're going to finish and end strong

Accept the fact that you're nervous and move on; people won't likely be able to tell that you're nervous. He went on to clarify that you can calm your nerves by:

  • knowing your material - you should be able to complete your presentation even if you drop all your cue cards or your projector stops working
  • knowing your audience - tailor the material to them
  • knowing your room - be comfortable in your surroundings, be aware of the size of the room, the lighting, the agenda, etc.

Not sure where to begin  in preparing your presentation? Think about the 3 thin gs people always ask you, and start by answering those questions. Don't tell people about your products, tell people about who uses them and what happened when they did. If you only have 30 seconds or a minute to speak, write it out, make good use of your limited time.

Remember, the best presentation that you're giving is the one you're giving right now; the best audience ever is the one you're with right now - give them your best.

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