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Action Items / Survey Results

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In April, all members of the Barrie Chamber of Commerce were invited to complete a survey which would allow all members as a whole to "have their say". Following this, the survey results were shared with the Strategic Planning Committee to assist in the next steps for the Chamber. 

The survey results and Strategic Plan are now in and we’d like to share an overview of the results with you, and outline next steps. A total of 138 members completed the survey for a response rate of 16%, which provides us with a jumping off point in terms of first effort for this initiative. 

Survey Results 

Bob Lacey

While the survey results revealed some key strengths it also highlighted some opportunities for improvement for the Barrie Chamber of Commerce as a whole. Listed below are the top 3 areas as identified in the survey results that the Barrie Chamber of Commerce will set as priorities in the Strategic Plan. 

The tools/initiatives rated as areas for opportunities by BCC Members are: 

  1. Communication 
  2. Advocacy 
  3. Relevancy 

Next Steps 

In terms of next steps, recommendations have been developed to strengthen and improve our position with respect to each of these areas. These recommendations have been shared with our Board of Directors, and the Board, Strategic Plan Committee and Chamber staff collectively will be accountable to act on these recommendations and update members as milestones are achieved. 

Now that a baseline of survey data has been established, an internal review will be conducted periodically to ensure progress is being made, encourage ongoing feedback, and to highlight any additional areas for improvement which could come to light over time. 

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and views about your Barrie Chamber of Commerce. Your responses have helped inform our understanding of what initiatives are important to you and allows us to also better tailor the communications we provide you. 

Barrie Chamber of Commerce

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