Effectively Leading Your Team through the Vaccine Passport Roll-out

Over the past year and a half, every business in Ontario has had to repeatedly change the way they work to align with evolving provincial safety restrictions. Making adjustments to policies and protocols, particularly when it comes to personal health and privacy concerns, is always daunting. Business owners have many questions about how best to ensure that staff and customers are safe, while managing staff and customer expectations, and working within the law.

During this webinar, our experts will speak about how to properly implement new policies/protocols; how to prepare your employees to manage customer interactions; how to keep lines of communication open with your employees through changing expectations; and the legal requirements you should be aware of as an employer. Our experts will also touch base on the effects that the pandemic has had on the mental wellbeing of both employees and employers.

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Moderator: Paul Markle, Barrie Chamber of Commerce

-Michele Newton, Speaker, Expert, Advocate
-Joshua Valler, Barriston Law
-Cheryl Claringbold, HR Performance & Results

00:06:00 – PANEL UPDATES
-00:06:00 – Joshua Valler, Barriston Law
-00:10:00 – Cheryl Claringbold, HR Performance & Results
-00:14:00 – Michèle Newton, Speaker, Expert, Advocate
-00:18:00 – Panel Discussion

00:21:00 – Q&A
00:21:00 – My employees must have a particularly rare and specialized skillset. I have 2 that refuse the vaccine based on personal choice. I cannot replace them if they leave… what are my choices?
00:28:00 – Can you ask applicants for an office environment about their vaccine status during the interview process
00:31:00 – If an employee claims a religious exception, what proof would they have to provide for an employer to accommodate? I know Josh mentioned this is a hard ground to hold up.
00:34:00 – Is a mandate a law?
00:35:00 – are there any free resources available to business owners to help formulate a covid policy?
00:38:00 – Does a covid outbreak in the workplace that leads to a staff member having long-term effects acknowledged as an occupational illness under the occupational health and safety act?
00:42:00 – Are there specific medical exceptions? Or can employers just accept a doctor’s note?
00:45:00 – The vaccine status requirements state that I am not allowed to keep records on the vaccine status of customers coming in to my space. Am I allowed to keep records on employee vaccine status or medical exemptions? What are the security and privacy requirements here?
00:52:00 – As a construction company, quite often we have subcontractors on site. Can I ask them their vaccination status before having them on the job?
00:55:00 – How does a policy affect an employer that rents space from venues where they are not an employee of that establishment?
00:58:00 – if an employee will not be vaccinated because of personal choice, can the employer insist on random tests with positive results? (dismissal is not an option)
00:59:00 – What can I do about dealing with irate clients who are causing a scene and saying that I’m discriminating even though I’m following the law?

01:01:00 – CLOSING & ADJOURN

COVID-19 Advisory

In response to evolving data around the Delta variant and based on the recent experiences of other jurisdictions, the government, in consultation with Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, is pausing the exit from the Roadmap to Reopen.

The Chief Medical Officer of Health and other health experts will continue to monitor the data to determine when it is safe to exit the Roadmap and lift the majority of public health and workplace safety measures currently in place.

Thank you for the work you have already done to protect our community by following public health protocols throughout these challenging times.

Stay strong, choose local, and please consider participating in our Rapid Screening Program to help reduce community spread.