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Volunteers are a critical component of every successful not-for-profit and charity, and the Chamber is no different. Our volunteers help guide the ship, make events run more smoothly, and give heart to the organization.  The Chamber team is grateful for the many volunteers they are privileged to work with every day, and appreciate the time and energy these people give back to their fellow members

If you are a member, and you are interested in joining any of our committees, please email the office at, and we will happy to help you find the best fit. 

Want to be on the Barrie Chamber Board? Watch for the call for nominations each spring, and consider putting your name forward.

Can't commit to a full year of meetings and activities? Not a problem, we run special events! We need help with Kempenfest, passport clinics, our golf tournament, and the Santa Claus Parade too! 

The Chamber has standing committees that meet on a monthly basis:

  • Board of Directors
  • Government Relations and Advocacy 
  • Communications
  • Events 
  • Membership
  • Finance 
  • Special Events

Other committees, such as the Past Presidents Committee or the Santa Claus Parade Committee, meet on an as needed basis.

Board of Directors

• Meets 3rd Tuesday of every month


David Brophey
Patricia Dent 

Aron Garbe
Michelle Greenwood
Marni Heather
Kris Hughston (non-voting)
Irmina Koza 
Bob Lacey
Pat McAuley
Greg Norris 
Leah Smith-Size
Sarah Taylor 
Todd Tuckey
Glen Tupling



Steve Champ
Arif Khan                    
Joan McKee
John Pickard
Lori-Ann Seward
Craig Stevens
Alison Smith
Kathleen Trainor
Chris Vanderkruys

Jeff Lehman


Terms of Reference

Executive Committee (to be elected in July 2017)

• Meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month

Past President: Kris Hughston 


Terms of Reference

Government Relations Committee

• Meets 2nd Friday every month

Greg Norris  (Chair)                       
Kris Hughston                        
Heather Hill
John Tom 

Todd Armstrong                     
Stephannie Schlichter
Stella Millis
Farman Khan 


Policy Review: To follow legislative proposals at all levels of government and to offer input thereon in order to ensure that lawmakers recognize the needs and views of our constituency. To convey relevant legislative amendments to our constituency. To monitor issues of local interest and to report to the Board monthly.

Business Support: Establish the Chamber and the City of Barrie as a destination for existing and emerging businesses by offering access to resources, guidance and support.

Communications Committee

• Meets every month

Sarah Taylor (Chair)                        
Lori Martin                          

Kris Hughston
Sandy Davies

Events Committee

• Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month

Peter Hanney (Chair)
Kris Hughston 
Dave Thomson
Diane Ems
Neil Duggan

Deborah Alcock
Chantelle Vroom
Paul Markle
Talbot Biermans

Membership Committee

• Meets the 4th Tuesday of every month

David Brophey (Co-Chair)
Patricia Dent (Co-Chair)
Robyn Latchman
Todd Armstrong
Jennifer beatty Gruer

Paul Markle
George Bryson                      
Jennifer Burton                     
Farman Khan
Kris Hughston

Terms of Reference


Elected Directors

Term of Office: Two Years (and may be elected for a second two year term)

The government of the Chamber, the direction of its affairs, and the control of its property shall be vested in the Board of Directors (the Board), which shall consist of 13 Directors, nominated and elected by the membership.

The board shall be at liberty to appoint up to 11 Advisory Directors. Advisory directors shall have no vote upon matters involving the governance, policy or procedures of the Chamber, but may vote with respect to issues of general business significance. The decision of the President concerning the right of the Advisory Directors to vote on any matter shall be final, subject only to review by the Board in accordance with the Rules of Order.

The Board shall meet at regular intervals but not fewer than ten meetings during each fiscal year. A Director’s absence from three consecutive meetings, without a satisfactory explanation, shall be deemed to be a resignation.

Upon having served two consecutive terms as a director, a director shall not be eligible for re-election as a director, until one year has elapsed.



To participate in as many Chamber activities as possible and to promote the Chamber in a positive way throughout the business community.

Expected to assume from time-to-time the responsibility of:

  1. chairing a task force of the Board
  2. monitoring a standing committee
  3. accepting other assignments from the Board

Expected to have a working knowledge of the functioning of a Chamber and to have taken time to read through the Director’s information sent in time for the monthly meeting.

Expected to have an understanding of the relationship between the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce and a local Chamber and of the mandate of those Chambers.

Ultimately responsible for establishing all policies on behalf of the membership. Because of this responsibility, Directors are encouraged to question the value of any policy or event as it relates to the overall membership and goals and objectives of the Chamber, and not just his/her own personal view of the matter or as it might relate to his/her special company/position.

Ultimately responsible to ensure that the Executive Council and its individual members are acting in the best interests of the Chamber at all times.

Directors (including the Executive Council members) who have a conflict with a matter before the board will declare the conflict and refrain from voting. In certain circumstances, the President may ask that the Director with the conflict leave the room.

Ensuring that the goals and objectives established by the President for his/her term of office have been fulfilled.

Replacing of chairpersons who are not contributing to the fulfilling of the mandate of a committee.

Individual Directors may make suggestions to the Executive Director but do not have any authority to give instructions individually to any member of the administration unless carrying out Board direction. Directors should direct their contact for administrative functions to the Executive Director.

Shall attend as many Chamber activities and Community Events as possible.

Agree to sign the "Code of Ethics"


Executive Committee

The Executive Council shall consist of the President, the two Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Immediate Past President.

The Executive Committee's actions are determined by the constitution; they transact business of a nature not requiring the attention and consideration of the Board of Directors and may also have such other powers as the Board may determine.

All members of the Executive Council must have been elected to the Board at some time according to the bi-laws unless there are extenuating circumstances in which case the Executive Council member must be approved by the majority vote of the current Board.




To prepare an agenda for the Board meetings and for any meetings of the general membership of the Chamber.

To ensure that all information necessary for the Board to establish policy is provided to them in a timely fashion.

To ensure that all Committee Chairs are knowledgeable of the topics which they will have to lead.

To attend Committee meetings occasionally to ensure that the Committee is functioning in a manner consistent with goals and objectives of the Chamber.

To give advice to the Past President's Nominating Committee on possible nominees for the Board.

To discuss issues of an emergency nature in the absence of time to meet with the whole Board and to present such recommendations to the Board as might be deemed appropriate.

To monitor the performance of the Executive Director and conduct annual performance review.

Agrees to sign the "Code of Ethics" and letter of commitment.

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