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Martial Arts & Yoga We are a Jiu Jitsu academy in Barrie, ON. We provide self defense through Jiu Jitsu and… Read More →
Stasis Jiu Jitsu & Yoga

About Us

Martial Arts & Yoga We are a Jiu Jitsu academy in Barrie, ON. We provide self defense through Jiu Jitsu and yoga for recovery. Our mission is to provide a home where the tools we teach, expand outside the academy walls and into your world. . We bring you self defense through Jiu Jitsu in order to be able to properly defend yourself, family and loved ones through a martial art that is merciful in nature. . Through the teachings and tools of Jiu Jitsu and Yoga, one will learn how to build, strengthen, and maintain one?s values, integrity, respect and discipline in life. . Our structure has been developed over years of competing, teaching, contemplation and introspection, to bring to you a simple and comprehensible way of learning Jiu Jitsu in all it’s beauty and elegance. This balanced lifestyle is enhanced by the art of Yoga for physical, mental and emotional recovery. . Using yoga as a physical recovery allows you to focus on building a greater range of motion in the body as well as increasing flexibility, which can help with injury prevention. It aids in reducing next day soreness and burnouts as well as helping the body remain flexible and strong without adding stress to the joints among many other physical benefits. . Our vision is to create a community in which you can continue to inspire one another and to achieve greatness through the teachings of Jiu Jitsu and Yoga. The tools and instruction we provide will help one discover their true purpose and gain more control on life as well as learning how to balance out one’s body, and mind at any age.
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COVID-19 Advisory

In response to evolving data around the Delta variant and based on the recent experiences of other jurisdictions, the government, in consultation with Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, is pausing the exit from the Roadmap to Reopen.

The Chief Medical Officer of Health and other health experts will continue to monitor the data to determine when it is safe to exit the Roadmap and lift the majority of public health and workplace safety measures currently in place.

Thank you for the work you have already done to protect our community by following public health protocols throughout these challenging times.

Stay strong, choose local, and please consider participating in our Rapid Screening Program to help reduce community spread.