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Canada Digital Adoption Program 

Apply For the Grow Your Business Online Grant  As part of the Canada Digital Adoption Program, the Government of Canada has partnered with the Ontario


The Starter Company Plus Program

The The Small Business Centre Presents: What is the Small Business Centre? The Small Business Centre is a one-stop source for all your small business

Affinity Programs

We’ve Partnered With BarterPay!

Barter what you have. Get what you need. Give what you can. What is BarterPay®? BarterPay® works with thousands of business owners, helping them barter their business supplies and services,


Member Profile – L.C.D.C Colour & Coatings

Crista Winterkorn is a passionate individual. She is passionate about her work, passionate about getting the most out of life, and passionate about helping others


Volunteer Profile – Annemarie Hill

Have you ever needed a lawyer, but abandoned the idea of hiring one due to the incredible costs they charge? Even for the world’s millionaires,


Volunteer Profile – Marni Heather

Marni Heather, the owner of Wishes Concierge in Barrie, is humble by nature. She prefers to live quietly, do her work, and avoid any limelight


Employee Profile – Paul Markle

Paul Markle, Executive Director of the Barrie Chamber of Commerce, has enjoyed an extensive and colourful career.  It began when he was 13 years old.


Member Profile – Ewee Inc.

If you were to take a guess right now – just off the top of your head – of what the most in-demand resource is


Member Profile – Corex Creative

Dwayne Holness, founder of Corex Creative, is very good at his job. He’s a professional videographer, video editor, designer, and the list goes on. Just


Volunteer Profile – Patricia Dent

Have you ever dreamed of moving to Australia? How about handling millions of dollars while working at the Toronto Stock Exchange? If you answered “yes”