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Sustainability for Businesses

Create a culture of conservation in your business:

  1. Lead by example
  2. Find volunteers at your workplace to be Conservation & Environmental Leaders
  3. Let them form a committee or team to make changes to how staff work
  4. Monitor and celebrate your successes 

Look for low hanging fruit such as lighting upgrades. Grants and other incentives are also available through your electric utility - check for details. Learn how to manage your costs with Time of Use electricity rates by visiting

Create a "dress for the weather" policy. Encourage the extra sweater in the winter and introduce a no tie policy in the summer.

The small things count, close up leaks from water pipes, and if you use pneumatic tools, from your compressed air lines as well. Caulk and weather strip windows and doors like you would at home (100 small leaks = 1 large leak).

Install a programmable thermostat or consider a more comprehensive control system to coordinate heating and cooling systems with outside temperatures.

Recycle electronics responsibly by contacting an approved processor and finding out what happens to the equipment once it leaves your premises. Make sure the processor recycles the products in an environmentally friendly manner.

Update your procurement policy and ensure that all new office equipment is ENERGY STAR® qualified & compare their ratings before purchase or lease -

Consider hiring a consultant to look in to the ways your business uses energy and how you can reduce your expenses. They can also help you with the paperwork for various grant applications, and help you to prioritize your goals for increased efficiency.

Use 'Ecofont' for all printing; it reduces the amount of ink used to print every character, saving you money as well as helping the environment -  you can download the free font from

Consider installing Hydration Stations which use filtered municipal water supplies  to refill reusable water bottles and eliminate the need for water purchased in disposable plastic water bottles. Use mugs and stop using paper cups for beverages. Consider providing company branded coffee mugs or thermal cups to staff.


Information provided by Green Step volunteers - please click here for more details.

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