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RECORDING: Virtual Town Hall

Friday, May 01, 2020


Moderator: Todd Tuckey, President, Barrie Chamber of Commerce


  • 00:01 - Mayor Jeff Lehman, City of Barrie
  • 00:09 - Doug Shipley, MP, Barrie – Springwater – Oro-Medonte
  • 00:13 - John Brassard, MP, Barrie – Innisfil
  • 00:22 - Doug Downey, MPP, Barrie – Springwater – Oro-Medonte

(Contact details for all panelists after the session timing notes)

00:24 Q&A

00:24 - Will the province look at preventing evictions during Covid-19? Since CERB will not be available till mid May and there is no guarantee that landlords will register and offer it to tenants, what will be done to ensure small businesses are supported since rent is still being collected.

00:27 - Are talks ongoing to figure out supports for people who are still falling between the cracks? Small business people who are making a bit too much money to qualify for CERB, but not enough to pay commercial leases, etc.? Is there still hope for them to get some assistance?

00:30 - With the Downtown Barrie construction moving ahead much more quickly, how much earlier is it anticipated that the project will be completed?

00:32 - As the economy reopens, if daycares and schools remain closed to protect children, will there be protections put in place for the jobs of employees who rely on these services to return to work?

00:33 - Quebec is starting construction on May 11th and other provinces opening up.Why is Ontario not following suit?This is causing a distinct disadvantage to us in construction as our contractors are all moving towards essential construction projects and ones in other provinces.

00:34 - We are working on making sure that our data is accurate before applying for the CEWS so that there would be no question of eligibility if we were audited, has there been a cap put on how much will be issued? If we are a week or 2 behind other applicants, will there still be funds available for us?

00:37 – I am in the residential construction industry currently waiting to work on a project that has been started. The building permit is in place, however it is in an occupied home. The work can be completed with social distancing, however we are waiting to hear back as to whether we can resume the job.

  • -City of Barrie Enforcement Services
  • -705-739-4241

00:39 - How is the Going Digital Project in Barrie going? Are businesses taking advantage of it? Any idea how many businesses have elected to participate in the program? Is there a wait for these services? Are there any plans to enhance the offerings of the program? Is financial support for ecommerce projects available?

  • -The Small Business Centre is able to offer the initial assessment by the Digital Service Squad as a complimentary service. To receive an assessment please email

00:42 - Many small non-profits and charities run on a very tight budget, relying on donations. There is a lot of support for places like the Food Bank that are helping people through this right now, and the smaller organizations are not getting the same support they typically would. Has there been any talk of a grant that may help these small non-profits/charities after covid so that they can still continue to provide their services to communities?

00:48 - With the reopening of the province, will it be a very specific list of which sectors can open when, or will it be more in the form of a minimum safety requirement that you must meet and businesses will be given the opportunity to determine their own capacity to meet those requirements?








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