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RECORDING: Working Towards Remote Learning Success with Your Kids

Thursday, October 08, 2020


2020 has seen many changes to our every day lives, not least of which is the return to school. Parents had to make a difficult decision about what would be best for their family, and then figure out how to make it work. For the parents who chose the remote learning option for their children, schooling and working together at home now likely looks very different than it did in the spring. As the weeks progress, families will start to see what is working for them and where they may need more help.

In this session, we brought together a panel of experts to share their tips and resources to support you, and then answer your questions. From setting workplace boundaries with your kids, reducing anxieties, and dealing with zoom fatigue, to helping your kids stay focused, or getting extra help, this session will help you to know that you made the right decision for your family, and that you will get through this together.

--------About the Experts--------

Sue Cook, Owner, Registered Social Worker, Family TLC Sue Cook is the owner and operator of Family TLC. She started working in the profession in the early 1980’s and has had the opportunity and privilege of assisting thousands of people reach their mental health and wellness goals. She has experience in the public sector working in education, non-profit and government agencies. She also has educational experience with First Nations. In 2000 her passion for making lives better came to fruition as she started running her own practice. In 2012 this expanded as she began to invite others to join her business and become a part of the Family TLC team.

Arlinda Demiri, CEO, Scholarly Elite Tutoring Arlinda Demiri is the CEO and founder of Scholarly Elite Tutoring, and recent creator of the interactive math help program Her mission is to support parents in empowering their children through education. She has created evidence-based programs designed to help students build confidence, reduce stress and succeed in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Michele Kapteyn, Support and Service Manager, Empower Simcoe Michele Kapteyn is a Supports and Services Manager at Empower Simcoe where she manages the Family Services department and leads a team of 45 staff. She manages a variety of programs including the Infant and Child Development Program, EarlyON Child and Family Centres, Family Support Program, Youth Program and the Family Home Program. Michele believes in the importance of strong relationships and the power of the community together supporting children, youth, adults and families to grow and thrive. Michele began her career with Empower Simcoe in 1988.


00:00 WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS Moderator: Stephanie Gourlie, Barrie Chamber of Commerce, Director Panel: - Sue Cook, Family TLC - Arlinda Demiri, Scholarly Elite Tutoring - Michele Kapteyn, Empower Simcoe

00:06 PANEL TIPS & RESOURCES - 00:06 - Sue Cook, Family TLC - 00:12 - Arlinda Demiri, Scholarly Elite Tutoring - 00:19 - Michele Kapteyn, Empower Simcoe 00:30 Q&A 00:30 - Are there any calming techniques you can recommend? For me and for my kids? We are all tired and low on energy, and I find that I have way less patience than usual.

00:37 – how many breaks should my child have throughout the day to help them keep focus on their lessons?

00:39 - How often is too often to message the teacher? Do you think they want to hear if my young child is having a hard day? Or if they’re having difficulty with a particular project?

00:43 - Are there any red flags I should be watching for that might let me know if my child is falling behind? Are there particular behaviours or language that I should be watching for?

00:50 – what resources are there to help build a child’s confidence?

00:54 - My 8 year old has been having some self-regulation issues since March, his emotions are much bigger than usual, and he is over-reacting to small disruptions. Is this a developmental stage he would likely have been hitting anyway, or is it more likely stress-related and something we can address?

00:60 - My children are primary and preschool age. Since they've returned to school and daycare we've stop visiting their elderly grandparents for safety reasons. I'm worried about depression and separation anxiety from my kids and my parents. (they are really involved grandparents) My son is really struggling with the amount of COVID and germ information that is being promoted all over the school. Before he returned to school, I was better able to control the media he was taking in. Now he's becoming paranoid and I fear it will create long term anxiety. Are there tools or strategies you suggest to discuss COVID and what's happening in the world?

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