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RECORDING: Virtual Town Hall

Friday, June 19, 2020

Timing for the video is below, including the specific questions asked:



  • Todd Tuckey, Barrie Chamber of Commerce President
  • Paul Markle, Barrie Chamber of Commerce


  • Stephannie Schlichter, City of Barrie
  • MPP Andrea Khanjin, Barrie - Innisfil
  • MP John Brassard, Barrie – Innisfil
  • Ian Faris, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

00:00 – UPDATES

  • 00:00 – Stephannie Schlichter, City of Barrie
  • 00:02 - MPP Andrea Khanjin, Barrie - Innisfil
  • 00:03 - MP John Brassard, Barrie – Innisfil
  • 00:09 – Ian Faris, Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • 00:14 - City of Barrie Recovery Plan Update

City of Barrie Recovery Plan:

Central Ontario Broadcasting $1M Advertising Stimulus Program:

00:17 - Q&A

00:17 - What progress has been made to address the gaps in the commercial rent assistance program? My landlord is not participating, and I don't know what my options are now.

00:32 - With the regional approach to reopening, and many people from stage 1 regions travelling to stage 2 for services, if there is a spike in numbers in other regions, what is the threshold that will push some or all regions back to stage 1?

00:35 - Recently, Sick Kids Hospital released a report with recommendations on how schools should be opening, and the negative impacts on mental and emotional health that could result from requiring children to distance. Is this being considered in the plan for reopening schools? Also, my daycare is not opening until the fall because they share the concerns expressed by Sick Kids, a key component of early childhood education is learning social skills and development through interacting with their peers. At this point, they would be offering babysitting services, rather than early childhood education. Is the government looking at making changes to requirements based on the Sick Kids report?

00:42 - Is additional support coming for daycare facilities that are unable to open due to health and safety requirements? Many are unable to open because of the limited number of children to staff ratio. This is impacting the workforce and parents being able to return.

00:49 – With the backlog in EI services, people we able to get the CERB for months before EI kicked in. Now EI is backpaying applicants and telling them to pay back the CERB. This process was not disclosed on the EI application process and people have to wait hours or even days on the phone line to get this recommendation from the support staff. Any insight into how we're working to overcome the major delays EI services have been experiencing and how they'll better inform workers of the process?


  • What is the logic behind reducing holidays for front line retail workers?
    • To be clear, this is not a change we are moving forward with.
      The retail sector has been hit particularly hard by COVID-19, with many small business owners concerned about their ability to make it through the reopening of the economy.
      We also recognize that retail workers–who in many cases have missed months of work–are looking for opportunities recoup lost wages.
      Our government has been actively engaging with stakeholders on a number of options and initiatives that could potentially support small businesses and employees in the retail sector.
      We consulted with all relevant stakeholders, including labour groups, because of our commitment to transparency and listening to those who are working on the front line.
      We will continue to look for ways to help small businesses and workers who are struggling from the impacts of COVID-19.
  • How much uptake has there been on the city's Patios Everywhere program?
    • City staff currently have approximately 12-15 applications that they are processing and we continue to recieve inquiries.We expect to have first permits issued shortly.
  • Is the city's pedestrian program going to extend further than 5 points and Mulcaster - to include other restaurants just outside that section? Or is there an option for them?
    • The proposed closure was along Dunlop Street from Mulcaster to Clapperton.Based on recommendations from the BIA, on Monday, the report to General Committee suggests the creation of a working group with the BIA, City and Stakeholders to build out a framework for a pedestrianization program that could be delivered as a pilot project.At this point, Dunlop Street would remain open.
  • With all the program in place for daycares that have 10 kids any consideration gives to home daycare.
  • Why the need for a local virtual marketplace dev competition? Was not a viable ecommerce solution for those who don't have their own technology?
  • I've just heard from a start-up business who was laid off. She started a side business to help bring in cash. Now that her employer has called her back - the employer is insisting she changes her business name and resigns even though she is not competing with any of the employer services or has a contract that prevents a side job. Who should she talk to to confirm her rights?
    • She may have to reach out to a lawyer or HR expert
  • Daycare already average $60-70 per day per child. With so many job losses and depleted wages, many people are making minimum wages. This is already difficult to afford. Daycares will need to raise rates to be able to accommodate less kids and more staff ratio. Will daycare rates be maintained so parents can still afford it or will an increase and government funding be provided?
    • Please email your MPP with this concern
  • If a business can operate in a way that is in line with social distancing practices and maintain covid cleaning practices are they able to open indoors? i.e. A pool hall operating at every other table, a bowling ally at every other lane, a childs play place for a private rental for a single family birthday party (10 ppl) ... These are large facilities that can accomodate spacing requirements.



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