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RECORDING: Exploring HeyLocal, A Community Solution

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Whether you'd been planning to get online some day but never found time, or had wanted to stay brick & mortar forever, 2020 forced you to reconsider your plans and move quickly. eCommerce helps you to stay connected to your existing customers, despite physical restrictions, and allows new customers to buy from you without leaving home. But it's not enough to set up shop online and expect new customers to come flowing in, you still need to be found, and in a time when people can access the whole world online, that may seem like an overwhelming prospect.

Unprecedented times call for community solutions. In response to requests from the local Barrie business community for a main hub allowing them to sell their products and services online, the presenting partners of the Xcelerate Summit, Central Ontario’s annual premier business conference, issued a challenge for someone to create a virtual marketplace. An impressive pool of applications was received, from which an independent panel of judges selected HeyLocal, an online marketplace focused on providing businesses a simple platform that connects and encourages local consumers to shop consciously and conveniently.

HeyLocal is currently in the process of on-boarding new merchants. If you are a retailer, now is the time to join their local online community before the official launch! Sign-up is easy and hassle-free, allowing you to start selling your products in a snap. creates ease and convenience for consumers to find your products. Better yet, they focus on your neighbourhood consumers; growing your new and repeat customer base. Join us to learn more about how this fully local, online marketplace dedicated to connecting the local consumer to the local retailer can help your business find and engage new online customers.

About the Speaker: Justin Frenette, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Him & Her, Founding Partner of HeyLocal Justin has a deep passion for learning, hard-work and people. As Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Him & Her he leads all initiatives related to technical, software, paid media, and marketing automation.



Moderator: Paul Markle, Barrie Chamber of Commerce


  • Dave Hyde, Small Business Centre 
  • Justin Frenette, HeyLocal


  • 00:02 - Dave Hyde, Small Business Centre 
  • 00:04 - Justin Frenette, HeyLocal

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00:18 Q&A

00:18 – Is there a plan to promote HeyLocal to consumers?

00:21 - Can I import inventory from my Amazon and/or eBay seller accounts?

00:24 - What about managing it? Does the business owner do that or does Hey Local

00:26 - I am a Business Coach - is HeyLocal accepting service-based (as opposed to product-based) businesses?

00:27 - Not a question - but one advantage I assume is that Hey Local won't compete with companies on the platform (as Amazon does?)

00:28 - The Downtown Barrie BIA is super excited to spread the word and get all of our businesses on board. Totally understand that we won’t see the immediacy for Barrie, but how long could it potentially take to get a substantial list of businesses? Previously, how long did it take to take off for Kitchener? Guelph?

00:33 - If I choose a different category for a specific product than my primary category, will it show in both? And can I add a product to multiple categories if it fits in a few?

00:34 - You started with Shopify, is it the e-commerce platform you would recommend? I am not great at tech and looking for the easiest option

00:40 - I wouldn't want my products to automatically show up in case I didn't have stock available. Instead would prefer an email saying people want my products and I should all them type of thing.

00:41 - If I have two businesses is there a way to link them together on the site?

00:41 - Are there any restrictions on the kind of businesses that are able to sign up for HeyLocal?

00:43 - What about marketing companies to offer this to our clients?

00:44 – Is there a possibility of adding membership badges for chambers and other associations?

0:46 - If I add a sale to a product in shopify, will it automatically update in HeyLocal? And then, when it goes back to normal, will it update again?

00:47 - When will the updates HeyLocal social kit be available for us to share?

00:48 - How would a marketing company get more info to offer this for their clients?

Media kit available

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