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RECORDING: Collaborating with Kindness

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

How to successfully partner with charities & NFPs so that everybody wins.

Barrie's business community is full of generous and kind-hearted people looking to make a difference. At this time of year in particular, you will see charitable actions all over social media and the news, but our business leaders are paying it forward year round. There are many aspects to supporting a charity/NFP that are good for your business as well as for the community, and you want to make sure you structure the partnership properly to have the biggest impact.

During this session, our panel of experts will talk about how to choose a charity/NFP that aligns with your values, building a strong partnership with a charity/NFP, making sure you understand how to properly record donations/contributions, and how collaborating with a charity/NFP can strengthen your marketing strategy.



Moderator: Paul Markle, Barrie Chamber of Commerce

Panel of Experts:

  • -Arif Khan, Siva Creative Inc.
  • -Peter Sundborg, Barrie Food Bank
  • -Chris Van Niekerk, Powell Jones LLP


00:29 Q&A

00:29 - How do I avoid the perception that I’m only supporting a charity as a marketing tactic?

00:35 - When I’m approaching a charity, am I better to come with an idea of an event, activity, or campaign in mind? Or could this be too confining for what they need?

00:35 - Arif is 100% correct, partnerships are key. So how do we find each other to work together, business with business?

00:37 - when do you think you will be accepting food/products from the general public again?

00:39 - Can I buy a gift card from any local food business and donate that to the food bank or does it need to be a specific retailer?

00:41 - I see some businesses open a not for profit as a subsidiary or sister type company to their businesses. What is the benefit of this with my taxes or my brand?

00:44 - What are the top community needs which have been exacerbated by Covid-19 and how can Barrie residents best serve those needs?

00:55 - With our business, we donate to many different causes every month, would we be better to pick a few and focus more on them?

00:55 - please share the benefits of using the for profit social enterprise business model. Those who use their product or service to generate revenue that is often used to support charities and non profits.

00:56 - How do I avoid the perception that I’m only supporting a charity as a marketing tactic?


For my taxes, is there a difference between a charity receipt or a not for profit receipt?

  • -Yes - what you want to look for is a charitable registration number - nine digit number that ends in RR0001.A not for profit receipt will not give you a credit on your personal taxes.

If I allow my team to volunteer during working hours while I am paying them, is there any way of recording that for tax purposes?

  • -You will have to send an invoice to the charity.From there they can give you a donation receipt (assuming of course they are not paying for the invoice!).


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