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RECORDING: Branding vs Marketing and How They Work Together

Thursday, August 13, 2020

What's the difference between #Branding and #Marketing? Depending who you talk to, the definition can vary or sound a little different. Unfortunately this can lead to a lot of confusion for those trying to educate themselves on the topic. Understanding the difference and how to use them together allows you to create stronger and more emotional marketing strategies to target and connect with your ideal customers so that they will come back to your brand again and again. In this workshop, our expert from Talis Creative provides some clarity and understanding between Branding and Marketing.

About Our Expert:
Anthony De Gasperis, Web Director, Talis Creative Prior to becoming Co-Founder of TALIS Creative, Anthony spent many years as a web programmer for a digital marketing firm in Barrie. In 2015, he was provided with an opportunity to work as a freelance programmer for the mental health organization, SickNotWeak. He also got to work alongside his brother-in-law and future TALIS Co-Founder Ryan Duncan. With an opportunity like this he knew it was the right time to start his journey as an entrepreneur. As the years progressed, Anthony and Ryan both began to develop a strong interest in branding and the way it can impact a business. This interest, combined with their experience in graphic design and web development, passion for problem solving and helping businesses achieve their goals, led to the launch of the Strategic Design Consultancy TALIS Creative in July 2018.


Moderator: Paul Markle, Barrie Chamber of Commerce

Expert: Anthony De Gasperis, Talis Creative - @taliscreativeinc


  • -00:08 – What is a brand?
  • -00:20 – What is branding?
  • -00:24 – How do we communicate our brand?
  • -00:26 – How do they work together?

00:32 – Q&A

00:33 - What is the best way to correct negative associations with your brand?

00:35 – How important is it to be “on brand”?

00:38 - How do you start the process to define your brand? Is there a list of questions you ask your clients in this process?

00:42 - Can you give some examples of beyond words and maybe the visual identity how we might be able to implement sense branding?

00:45 – If you are your brand what are the pros and cons of this?

00:47 - What is the best way to understand what other people think about your brand? How do you know if you need to re brand?

00:51 - If I am the brand as a solopreneur, but am moving towards wanting to retire and sell my business, how do I shift my brand to find a buyer, or help ensure customers won’t be lost in the transfer?

00:54 - With more and more companies moving towards a more causal work attire, what are the benefits of having uniforms or just wearing the colours or wearing business casual in any fashion?

00:56 - How is this different/better than using brand archetypes?


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