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ELECTION 2015: John Brassard, Candidate for Barrie Innisfil Riding

Friday, September 25, 2015

John Brassard - Conservative - - @JohnBrassardCPC

John Brassard QUESTION: If elected, what will you do to help the business community in the Barrie Innisfil riding?

ANSWER: In my current role as Chair of Economic Development and as a City Councillor in the City for 9 years, I have built many relationships with the business community and I’m building further on that by establishing new relationships in Innisfil. Business Owners both large and small know that I am accessible and will listen. I’ve attended many business events in the City and will continue to do so in Barrie-Innisfil to lend an ear and listen to what I can bring back to Ottawa to help businesses in this area. I believe that Government should not stand in front of businesses but must stand behind them to give hard working business owners every chance they can to succeed and so does the Conservative Government. When businesses succeed, they grow, they invest, and they hire and that’s why the Conservative Government under Prime Minister Harper has lowered the Federal Tax Burden to its lowest level in over 50 years. It’s why business has seen a reduction in the General Corporate Tax rate from 22 % to 15 % and why the small business tax rate has been reduced from 12 to 11% with a further cut coming in 2017 to 9%. It’s also why businesses will see a reduction in EI payroll taxes by 21% in 2017. All of this is meant to keep the economy strong and create the right environment for job growth and job creation and for businesses to succeed. I will be a strong advocate as M.P. for businesses in Barrie-Innsifil.

QUESTION: There are distinct characteristics for each municipality in the Barrie Innisfil riding; as a resident, what are your top three priorities for each of these municipalities and why?

ANSWER: This is a great question and I’m glad the Chamber recognizes that there is a distinction between Barrie and Innisfil. This is not just the Barrie riding anymore, it’s Barrie-Innisfil and it’s something I’ve worked hard to recognize and develop an understanding of just what are each of the municipalities needs during this process of wanting to be the Member of Parliament for Barrie-Innisfil. In saying that however, the issues between the two municipalities are not dissimilar and after talking with Mayor Wauchope on several occasions and of course Mayor Lehman as I do regularly, both talk to me about jobs and job growth by attracting employers, and supporting existing businesses in the riding, including the Agriculture Business that is a large part of the riding. Both Mayors also speak of the need for Federal Infrastructure Investments that this growing area requires. There is a terrific opportunity to create a 400 employment corridor with jobs that can start in Innisfil and lead into Barrie but it will need Infrastructure and I want to help see that become a reality by having the Federal Government invest in it as a partner. We’re all strong in our Commitment to continue Federal investments toward the protection and preservation of Lake Simcoe. Further to my point on the Agriculture Business, this is one area that is unique to Innisfil and its contribution to our local and Canadian economy is significant so I’ve been spending a lot of time meeting with farmers to see how I can help them in Ottawa.

QUESTION: How do you plan to balance these priorities and serve each municipality with their different needs?

ANSWER: I’ve been extremely fortunate serving the City for 9 years as a City Councillor. Because of that, I’ve built relationships with many Members of Council, and with both the Mayor of Barrie and of Innisfil as well as Business and Community leaders. I will always listen to what they are telling me or asking of me. There are Federal Funds and Programs budgeted in the Government’s Economic Action Plans that can help the specific needs of both municipalities and it will be my job as a Member of Parliament to help facilitate that. The $53 Billion Dollar Build Canada program is a great example of how the Federal Government can help Barrie and Innisfil with their specific Infrastructure needs. I will continue to work with both Mayors and Councils to attract new employers to the area with an understanding that most important is not where they locate but the fact that they’re here. To me, the bottom line is about jobs. Whether a business locates in Barrie or Innisfil is not as important as just having them here. There are many examples of regional employers like Honda, Napoleon, and Munro concrete where there is a direct benefit to Barrie-Innisfil residents who work there even though the businesses are not in this riding. Those jobs are local, they pay well, and they’re sustainable jobs and I will work with both Mayors and Councils to have that happen here. The Federal Government and local M.P. can play a huge role in attracting business to this area like we saw with IBM and others in Barrie-Innisfil.

QUESTION: What is the most important piece of your party platform for the Barrie Innisfil riding and why?

ANSWER: It’s clearly the Economy and the many people I’ve spoken to so far see it as that. This is a time for a steady hand and not the time for increasing taxes, running deficits or making promises that can’t be kept. The low tax, balanced budget approach is working in lessening the head winds of global economic instability. It’s why Canada has been the best economic performer with less net debt in all of the G-7 and why we rebounded so well after the 2008 Economic Crisis. Because of this low tax balanced budget approach, we are able invest in long-term sustainable programs like Infrastructure and the Build Canada Fund and it’s also the reason why we can work to support programs like Tax Credits for single and widowed pensioners, a new program that will save them $600 per year. The Economy is a priority for the Conservative Government and from what I’m hearing at the door, it’s a priority for Barrie-Innisfil Residents and Businesses as well.

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