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ELECTION 2015: Myrna Clark, Candidate for Barrie Innisfil Riding

Friday, September 25, 2015

Myrna Clark - New Democratic Party ND - Myrna.Clark - @MyrnaClarkNDP

Myrna Clark QUESTION: If elected, what will you do to help the business community in the Barrie Innisfil riding?

ANSWER: Tom Mulcair will invest in small business and manufacturing to create good-quality, well-paying jobs. The NDP have proposed to cut the small business tax rate from 11 per cent to 9 percent to better support a sector of our economy that creates 78% of all new private sector jobs in Canada. The NDP will start with an immediate reduction from 11 to 10 percent, injecting some $600 million into Canada's small businesses - followed by an additional reduction to 9 percent in the second year of our mandate. Once fully implemented this will cut small business taxes by nearly 20 percent. We will kick-start manufacturing with a new Innovation Tax Credit. The NDP will restore the federal minimum wage that the Liberals axed in 1996 and raise it to $15. And we will work with towns and cities to build new roads, bridges and community infrastructure.

QUESTION: There are distinct characteristics for each municipality in the Barrie Innisfil riding; as a resident, what are your top three priorities for each of these municipalities and why?

ANSWER: There are several priorities that I see as being top of mind for this riding. However, if I need to state them without having consulted with the people of the riding, which incidentally should always be the underpinnings of any planning, the top 3 priorities for me in Barrie-Innisfil would be: 

  • the need for jobs closer to home 
  • a Community Health Centre as per the model in Barrie's south end. It is an integrated model of primary care including family physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, a dietician, and a health promotion team 
  • daycare- the NDP plan to create a national child care programme would not only put more people into the workforce but it is the right thing to do for families and give children a leg up in education

QUESTION: How do you plan to balance these priorities and serve each municipality with their different needs?

ANSWER: Tom Mulcair has outlined plans to build a new relationship with municipalities to build the infrastructure Canadian families and businesses need. The NDP plan to help build stronger communities is bold, measured, and fully costed. We will respect provincial and local decision-making, simplify application processes and remove funding barriers through direct, stable and transparent transfers to municipalities and provinces for their priorities. It will ensure the long-term success of Ontario municipalities.

QUESTION: What is the most important piece of your party platform for the Barrie Innisfil riding and why?

ANSWER: The most important piece of the NDP platform for Barrie-Innisfil would have to be our National Child Care Plan. As mentioned above, this plan when fully implemented will put 240,000 people back into the work force. More people in the work force drives economies and builds for the future with more children receiving an early start to a good education for future job prospects. Most progressive countries in the G7 have this programme in place and they have experienced growing economies as a result.

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