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ELECTION 2015: Marty Lancaster, Candidate for Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte Riding

Monday, September 28, 2015

Marty Lancaster - Green Party - - @gp_marty

Marty Lancaster QUESTION: If elected, what will you do to help the business community in the Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte riding?

ANSWER: The Green Party of Canada wants to: establish a federally-funded Green Venture Capital Fund to support viable small local green business start-ups, reduce paperwork by eliminating duplicative tax filings, bring in legislation to require consideration of the impact on small business of all new legislation, and offer tax rebates to companies that provide on-site daycare, healthy food and facilities for exercise and commuting by bicycle. 

I would personally work on creating a centre of excellence for energy storage in Barrie, maybe at the unfortunately closing Barrie Central school. The purpose would be to do research into better battery technologies, offer instruction and certification in installation, educate people about how and why to save money using energy storage. Local businesses would likely be the early adopters of energy saving plans and expand their current businesses to include selling and installing the new Green technologies that are growing. 

QUESTION: There are distinct characteristics for each municipality in the Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte riding; as a resident, what are your top three priorities for each of these municipalities and why?


Oro-Medonte: I want to support the rural heritage, recognize that it is a community of communities. Focus on improving opportunities for the farming community. 

I will look into the Horseshoe Valley road truck lanes and work towards putting in traffic lights at line 3 and 4 and work towards connecting Hwy 11 south to the 400 north to allow hauling to easily flow on the major Hi-ways. 

The Lake Simcoe Protection Plan is a good piece of legislation that needs to be fully written into all of the official plans of the bordering municipalities including Oro-Medonte 

Springwater: I would encourage Smart growth. That means not on class 1,2,3 farmland, or on or near important wetlands. A priority of mine would be to designate the Minesing swamp as a significantly important wetland. 

For the agricultural community I would direct research dollars into learning how to have clean fields, high yields and healthy animals without using chemicals or cages. And Greens want that knowledge to be provided to farmers for free. 

Barrie: There are many opportunities to improve transportation infrastructure. Connecting bike lanes to train stations and industrial areas. 

There is a need for low income housing for people at all stages of their lives. The Green Party has a national poverty reduction strategy that focuses on housing first. 

Starting a centre of excellence for energy storage. “Barrie builds batteries” where research, training and installation certification can all happen in the same place. 

QUESTION: How do you plan to balance these priorities and serve each municipality with their different needs?

ANSWER: While there are lots of specific needs I will describe one way to balance needs. Everybody needs to eat. Dan Dan the chicken man abattoir went out of business in 2011 due to increased expensive regulations. We need to create a situation that there would be a slaughterhouse, cannery and food processing opportunity in Barrie for all Simcoe County farmers with a warehouse system to sell it to local stores. I would encourage this by working towards a “Made in Simcoe County” stamp that could go on all meat, and produce as well as wood products, gravel, etc. Both the seller and buyer of these local products would be financially rewarded until the local systems are fully resilient. Local farming options would increase under this local is best model. Growth would be directed into the city of Barrie into walkable neighbourhoods where people can sell and shop near where they live. Working on this issue would serve the best interest of the growing (not sprawling) Barrie and the rural, farming communities that surrounds it. 

QUESTION: What is the most important piece of your party platform for the Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte riding and why?

ANSWER: Our Vision Green 2015 (182 pages) platform is very integrated. It has many common sense solutions that deal with the real root of issues. It lays out how to repair our democracy, how to be able to take care of all our people, and do it in a way that addresses climate change by growing the green economy. Half of what the Green Party of Canada suggests is fixing the damaging actions of previous governments, like Bill C51 (secret police) and gutting environmental protection in omnibus budget bills. The other half is trying to turn the fossil fuel bus around before it drives off a cliff. What’s in it for this riding? A shift from your tax money going to the foreign owners of oil and gas corporations in Alberta, to having it spent right here to encourage local resilient commerce around food, and services. And on creating local jobs building renewable energy systems with storage technology and improved green transit systems. Let’s brand ourselves: “Barrie Builds Batteries” and capture a large piece of the growing green technologies.

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