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ELECTION 2015: Alex Nuttall, Candidate for Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte Riding

Friday, September 25, 2015

Alex Nuttall - Conservative Party of Canada - - @NuttallBarrie

Alex Nuttall QUESTION: If elected, what will you do to help the business community in the Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte riding?


  • Small Businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and as such they must be supported. I will always be an advocate of lowering taxes for small businesses in order to boost job opportunities and grow the economy in our area. As a commercial banker, I have spent many years advising businesses in our area and helping them succeed.
  • The Conservative Government delivered more than $2.2 billion in tax relief to small businesses in 2014. Our Government also has committed to reduce small businesses taxes to 9% - putting an estimated $2.7 billion back into the pockets of job-creating small businesses.
  • In Canada, small and medium sized businesses employ 90% of the private sector workforce and account for 40% of GDP. Our Conservative government wants to see businesses grow and hire more employees. We have continually demonstrated our support for small and medium sized businesses through programs such as the Canada Jobs Grant, the Apprenticeship job creation tax credit, and a multitude of other tax credits and programs.
  • In Barrie – Springwater – Oro-Medonte, small businesses are the major job creators and they need to have every opportunity to be able succeed and grow, our Conservative government recognizes this and provides those opportunities.  I do not believe that small businesses are just used as a tax haven for wealthy individuals.

QUESTION: There are distinct characteristics for each municipality in the Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte riding; as a resident, what are your top three priorities for each of these municipalities and why?



  1. Lake Simcoe -I am strong supporter and advocate of the Lake Simcoe Cleanup Fund and I was also involved in the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority. Since 2008, our Government has invested over $59 million into the Lake Simcoe Cleanup fund, which has supported initiatives to preserve and protect the environment of Lake Simcoe. I will continue to advocate for investments to ensure we are able to work together with local partners toward improving the water quality and ecosystem health of Lake Simcoe. 
  2. Infrastructure Spending -I will continue to advocate for sustainable infrastructure programs delivered by the Conservative Government which have already provide significant investments for the Duckworth St. interchange, Eastview Arena, Fire Station 1, the Downtown Theatre, Georgian College, and Lampman Lane. 
  3. Low Taxes and Job Creation 


  1. Lake Simcoe -Lake Simcoe not only affects residents of Barrie, but residents of Oro as well. As I mentioned in the previous section, I will remain a strong advocate for continued funding and the preservation of our cherished Lake. 
  2. Lake Simcoe Regional Airport -Our Conservative government has already invested over $4.5 million in the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport. The airport is an integral part of the local economy and continued investment by our government will help the airport grow and will be beneficial to all residents in the area. 
  3. Access to high speed internet 


  1. Nottawasaga River and Minnesing Wetlands –Along with the Lake Simcoe funding, our Conservative Government also allocated funding for the cleanup of the Nottawasaga River and Minnesing wetlands. I will be a strong advocate for further funding to protect the Nottawasaga Watershed. 
  2. Access high speed internet –As I mentioned previously, access to high speed Internet is an integral part for the growth of economy in rural municipalities and businesses that reside in the municipality. Myself along with Conservative Government will continue to support major investments in fibre and broadband infrastructure in rural communities. 
  3. Infrastructure

QUESTION: How do you plan to balance these priorities and serve each municipality with their different needs?

ANSWER: The needs of each municipality in our riding are not mutually exclusive. The cleanup of Lake Simcoe and the Nottawasaga River and Minnesing Wetlands, along with continued infrastructure investments and low taxes across the board are not competing interests, they are synchronized and require a comprehensive approach. 

 All of our communities and municipalities need to work together and I am here to advocate and ensure each of the needs of the individual municipalities are addressed and represented. 

There will always be an alignment within my offices, in both Ottawa and our riding, to ensure that there is a focus on both urban and rural needs.

QUESTION: What is the most important piece of your party platform for the Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte riding and why?


  • Locally, Lake Simcoe is the most important issue and the Conservative Party has successfully delivered on our promises to cleanup the lake. I will advocate for continued funding over and above the $60M already committed.
  • In terms of the national party platform, a balanced budget and strong economy, consisting of low taxes for small and medium sized businesses and reducing the payroll taxes is the most important piece in the Conservative plan for Canada. Unfortunately, both the Liberals and NDP have vowed to increase payroll taxes on small business, killing jobs and hurting business.
  • Keeping taxes low and the budget balanced will remain a priority for the Conservative Party and myself. A balanced budget creates the environment for an economy to thrive and allows for small businesses to focus on what they do best: creating jobs and prosperity for our economy, especially in our great riding of Barrie – Springwater – Oro-Medonte. .
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