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BBN - Properly Handling Workplace Accidents - Photos

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Randy Dignard of Industrial Safety Trainers was our December BBN speaker, helping to educate local businesses about the proper way of handling and reporting workplace accidents. Randy noted that every business should have a policy/procedure for this type of situation. He also clarified that there is no law to say that accidents in the workplace must be investigated, but there is a law to say that employers must take every precaution reasonable to prevent accidents., and if there is an accident, it would be reasonable to investigate so that you can prevent recurrence.

Randy's recommendations:

  • Investigate everything, even if people's feelings are hurt.
  • Even if no work time is lost, still investigate.
  • Minor cuts should be documented.
  • Review your first aid logs to see if you have a trend happening.
  • Investigate near misses - prevent the next time being an actual hit.

To learn more about handling workplace accidents properly, please feel free to contact Industrial Safety Trainers Inc. at  (705) 792-0128, or visit them online at

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