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RECORDING: Archetypes in Branding with Paul Larche

Tuesday, October 06, 2020


In a COVID world, speaking to your customer with sincerity and authenticity is more important than ever. Archetypes are universally familiar character types that transcend time, place, culture, gender and age. They are hard-wired into our psyche. We inherently know them. By choosing the Archetype that best represents your brand personality, company values and the expectations of your target customer, your brand will be more authentic and connect on a much deeper level. This presentation will introduce you to Archetypes, how they work and how to find your authentic voice.

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About Our Expert: Paul Larche is President and CEO of Larche Communications Inc. (LCI), a media company and digital branding agency.

He has been working in the broadcasting and marketing business for over 40 years.

Paul is originally from Timmins, Ontario where he started his radio career at CKGB and CFTI FM at the age of 15. Within a few years, he moved from announcing to program director, sales representative and eventually station manager.

Paul was transferred to Sudbury in 1986 as General Manager for CKSO and CIGM FM.

In 1990, Paul was promoted to general manager of Telemedia Network Radio (TNR) in Toronto. TNR provided syndicated entertainment and sports programming across Canada, including live play-by-play of the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs. During this time, Paul also worked extensively with some of Canada’s top advertisers and advertising agencies.

In 1996, Paul finally set out on his own and purchased KICX 104 in Midland. Over the next 15 years, the company expanded to five radio stations in Ontario.

In 2008, Larche sold CIKZ FM (Kitchener) to Rogers Media. In 2018, he sold the remaining radio assets, with a staff of 80 employees, to Bell Media.

In 2014, Paul and his daughter Jessica launched Larche Digital, providing digital and branding services to companies throughout Ontario. This is now Paul’s main focus, providing branding strategy services, branding workshops, web, SEO, design and video/photography services. They currently have 16 employees and an office/studio in south Barrie.

Paul’s P6 Branding Framework Strategy has been implemented by several companies, from start-ups to multi-nationals.

Paul remains an entrepreneur at heart and is an active angel investor with investments in 10 companies to date.



Moderator: Paul Markle, Barrie Chamber of Commerce

Expert: Paul Larche, Larche Communications Inc.


  • -00:05 – What are archetypes?
  • -00:07 – 12 Archetypes in 4 Categories
  • -00:08 – Stability & Control
  • -00:13 – Belonging & Enjoyment
  • -00:18 – Risk & Mastery
  • -00:24 – Independence & Fulfillment
  • -00:30 – Larche Archetype Detector™
  • -PDF Resource:
  • -

00:35 Q&A

00:36 - Should I be choosing my archetype for branding based on my product/service,on my customer, or on my values? Also, if these 3 don’t match up, do I have a problem?

00:37 - I've had to change so many things about my business to survive during covid. At what point do I rebrand my company? Or do I stay with my original brand so I stay familiar? What should I consider before making the decision?

00:39 - Do I need to choose just one archetype to focus my brand? Or can I take elements of all 3 in the category that fits me best?

00:40 - Hi Paul.I really enjoyed your talk.Love your studio.If you identify yourself as a particular archetype say the caring type.Is there a particular marketing advertising platform you want to focus your advertising spend on?

00:43 - Paul, is there a significance to the colourization of the wheel?

00:44 - I've recently moved my company online and am working on building social platforms. How can I have consistency in online branding when the internet is so overwhelming and time consuming? Are certain platforms more important then others?

00:46 - Being in construction for the past 30 years, I've always done business with only a handshake and referrals. Barrie is changing. I'm feeling the urgency to be branded and start marketing. Where do I even begin?

00:49 - How hard is it to shift my brand messaging? Do I ease into it or can I do a quick about-face? For example, if I’m trying to switch from joker to ruler, how can I do this and be taken seriously?

00:52 - Should my secondary archetype be close to the main archetype on the wheel? Is it a bad thing that they are completely opposite on the wheel?

00:53 - What if my product is good for everyone and they are all my target market. Won't I be excluding people by sticking with one specific group?

00:55 - How often should I be reviewing my brand actions to be sure that I am still coming across as authentic? Is it an annual review? Every new campaign? Based on metrics and results? What should I be asking myself in this type of review?

00:56 - If I want to use an external company to handle my social media, what kind of questions should I be asking them to ensure they will reflect my brand in the best way if I hire them?

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